Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some Sick Parody

This man, Jim Caldwell, is the coach for the Colts, who lost the Super Bowl today.

He will not yell.

He will not scream.

He will not giving a rousing half-time speech in the locker room that motivates the players, giving them a new found faith in themselves.

No, he will just look at you
With his piercing stare.

After the game today, he made the team stand in a line and one by one he looked them straight in the face.

He just looked.
At this moment, they all new they were failures.

But enough about the Super Bowl, which is obviously just some sick parody of tonights main event!!

At first I was routing for Bear to be the MVP, but this was before I saw any game play (yes, I looked up all the starting puppies online before the show), but after seeing this puppy in action, well it was obvious. This puppy, named Jake, didn't make any touch downs (but thats so obvs not what the Puppy Bowl is about) but he played so hard. He gave it his all. Generally I don't appreciate an underdog story (really, there was no way to avoid that), but no one expected Jake to be able to bring it, but he did! He restored my faith in determination and the power of believing in your self!! He is an American hero.

I think we can all agree the bunny cheerleaders were a joke!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ya know those sitcoms where there is some push pull romance that keeps you coming back for more. I think the Office Jim and Pam romance is a key example. The audience is made to be sooo aware of the right answer. Obviously Pam should dump Roy and be with Jim. It is almost frustrating, why can't these characters see what is so obvious to everyone else, why aren't they aware of the easy way to happiness. And the creators of the show know why we tune in every week. We NEED to see whats going to happen, we NEED to have resolution. I would say 9 times out of 10 eventually the two people come together. Some shows are able to draw us in to a single romantic struggle for a long time, I mean Jim and Pam didn't get together till the fourth season. We all came back week after week for four seasons to see if the inevitable would finally happen.

After there finally is some sort of resolution, it almost seems fruitless coming back. I mean, maybe the Office isn't a prime example because it is actually a really good show that I enjoy a lot still, but I probably don't watch each new episode with as much enthusiasm as I once did.

We love to watch these fictional characters live in romantic tension. It is exciting, thrilling and always keeps us coming back for more.

I am not sure why I wrote this, or maybe I do. I feel like recently I've been more reflective than usual, or maybe just more confused. I am going to spend a day (like 24 hours) at a monastery this week I think. I want to get away and have some alone time to think and reflect. I am having trouble even articulating how I've been feeling lately.


...I am anticipating something, but I have no idea what.

I'm like ready for some big change. I am living in nervous and exciting tension.

But nothing is on the horizon.

Not to be like whinny. My life is going great! I should be completely satisfied, and maybe that is the problem: everything is satisfactory yet nothing is extraordinary.

Why am I not a traveling French orphan with nothing but a bicycle and a mysterious and enticing aura?
Oh yeah... I don't speak French.

Man, what the fuck am I talking about?

The problem with these push pull relationships is that there is always something preventing the two people to get together. This blockade is strong enough and important enough to keep one or more of the characters distracted. It or they seemingly just complicate the situation.

But without the blockade there is no tension.
Without tension there is no excitement.

Without excitement, you just get the satisfactory.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hipsters in History!

Amelia Earhart is an Oly hipster:

High waisted tweed(ish) slacks
Frumpy yet form fitting sweater over a collared button-up
Boy scout scarf
unkempt short curly hair

Oly hipsters would be sooo much cooler if they flew airplanes.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time On the Ole Hands

So a friend of mine tweeted this question; Do you ever wonder what people say about you when you're not around?

In my mind on a very conscious level I decided I didn't want to know, that it didn't really ever bother me, it was silly to let something like that get in your way or slow you down in the least bit.

But then I realized on a much more subtle level of my subconcious I decided I didn't care because I assumed people never ever spoke poorly about me. I mean maybe people who don't like me, but I don't care what they say. Their were these two girls that started a rumor in 8th grade that I stuffed my bra, it was dumb. But other than that I honestly don't think that anyone I am friends with would ever say things about me behind my back. Maybe it is really ignorant to think this.

Whatever, Ignorance is bliss I guess!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too Tired To Form Paragraphs

"Life is strange and people change and circle round again"

I don't know why I just quoted Page France. I think I should like more bands, bands are cool.

I'm 21 now. Here is what I can conclude about who Tasha is as a 21 year old:

-When it come down to spending 4 dollars on a burrito or 4 dollars on a beer, I will always choose a burrito.
-I don't actually like any bars I've been too, and I am still waiting to find the one that fits me right (Like in How I Met Your Mother, they have their bar)
-My mom is significantly cooler than me
-I still like getting coffee more than I like going to the bars.

I'm going to Minnesota soon. Corbin and I are flying together. I'm really anxious about the airport, like every thing leading up to getting on the plane. Corbin is really anxious about everything that happens once we get on the plane. We should make a great team. I'm excited to see Manders, DC, Rip and Amy... Mostly DC.

We have an espresso machine at the JC. Today I made a mean Mocha. Now like half of my life dreams have come true.

On Saturday I rode my bike a lot with Daniel. From 175th to the U district. It was like the first time all summer I exercised. For that last sentence I had to look up how to spell exercise. Dumb.

I paid rent over the phone. Fuck you postal system! You will not have my valuable stamps!

At my mom's we can't find the remote for the TV. She has the digital cable so you can't change the channel without it. The TV is stuck on Disney. Dumb.
I'm way too into the show Megan Wants a Millionaire.

I have too much work to do this week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Dumb Metaphor

Dumb mood

I had a relatively good day.

I saw Away We Go today with Holly and Andi, that was a lot of fun, it was a great movie!
Hung out with the family, that was also enjoyable.
Ate falafel, as anyone knows, I love falafel!

I went to see the Pharmacy this evening also. Most people who knew me two years ago, know how much I love the Pharmacy! I have seen them over 25 times in my life, more so than any other band by a long shot. I believed I blogged maybe 6-7 months ago about their last show in Seattle before they all moved to New Orleans, I talked about how it kind of represented an era of my life that had come to an end. It was a great night! I saw tons of friends and sang to all my favorite songs. It was just the perfect closure anyone would need, I had a great time and accepted maybe I'm not that person anymore, the person who will sit on a bus for three hours every weekend to see her favorite band. Maybe I am not the kind of person who stakes a significant amount of her identity in how obscure the bands she sees are. Maybe I am not the kind of person who will put all other obligations aside to spend a night with her best friend listening to their favorite band, or maybe I am still, I don't know.

I kind of romanticize things, like too often, that hold some sort of sentimental value. Certain places or things, as insignificant as they may seem, I hold to a high esteem because they are representative for something that is definitely significant, like friendship. I think the Pine Cone is an example of that, or the Top Hat Society. Well I kind of went into this night thinking it would be like a friend reunion, it would be a night of nostalgia and reconnection. It was anything but this. Not so much with the band, I mean yeah, they didn't play many songs I knew, but it hasn't really been about that for a long time.

I guess I was just holding out, no matter how bad things have been, some things are sacred, some things can't be touched, or I thought. I thought nostalgia and strong good memories where enough to change the current pattern of unreliability or lack of involvement, but I was obviously mistaken.

It isn't even about the show, really its just like some big dumb metaphor about how shit isn't going to be like it used to be, I've changed and you've changed and everything else has fucking changed. Its about expectations not being met and realities being faced. Like maybe things are fucked and maybe I have to face it.


Bleh, my birthday is in a week, everyone should get me tons of birthday presents!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Generally I'd classify myself as a fun loving individual, usually up for adventure and whatnot, but in certain times I kind of become a huge party pooper and do what I can in my life to repel the fun train. This awful side of me become most prevalent on certain holidays, namely New Years Eve, Valentines Day and the 4th of July. I think what it is, is that these days come with all sorts of expectations, you need to have certain kinds of fun on those days and if you don't you fail.

I think there are a lot of people who need strong convincing something is going to be fun before they embark, like they need to know every detail of the events and you need to outline why it is worth there time to do what ever fun activity it is that you want them to do. I can't stand this attitude! I want to just go with the flow and make my own fun, you know, I usually don't wait for fun to happen, I make it happen!

Despite my usual "Go for it and have tons of fun while doing it!" attitude, on the fore mentioned holidays I generally intentionally avoid all fun on purpose, so that if I do end up having a bad time its because I chose to, not because I am lame. Sweet logic right?

For example, last New Years Eve a few friends and I decided we weren't going to go out, we were just going to stay in and watch movies. Boycott all New Years Eve style fun!! But then last minute we decided to go to a dance party, and it was lame. So we attempted to have fun, but we failed!!

Anyways, I decided this year I didn't want my 4th of July to be bogged down by my fear of not having fun, so I decided to just go for it and actually have fun! (Weird, I know!)

It started off with Memo's, a 24 hour Mexican food restaurant on University Ave, my new favorite place! Then Andi, Hailestorm and I met up with tons of lovely people at a Damage Done show in the U district. Saw lots of cool people and listened to punk rock! Then we bused over to this block party right off of East Lake. There was a mechanical bull, slip n' slide, a DJ and tons of people! We hung out there for a few hours and watched the firework show. After that back to Memo's for round two! Then we needed to get back to Andi's, but it was pretty late and the buses stopped running, so we decided to take a cab. I couldn't get through to the cab company because the number was busy for a long time. We walked outside and saw a cab and hailed it! Well mostly Lauren, but I helped a little. It was awesome, like in the movies! Anyways, made our way safely back to Andi's and then watched Arrested Developement! What a perfect fourth of July!

Moraly of the story: I had fun, good for me!

Happy Birthday America!