Saturday, June 28, 2008

cars are for earth killers and bikes are for posers!

So I am two weeks into my internship at the Jeremiah Center, and it is going amazing! I have an office, which is rad. I haven't been doing much of anything else. Some cool things I get to be apart of this summer include but not limited to: ultimate frisbee, bible study, weekday kazbas, VBS, yuck night, super heros vs super villans, and much much more! The one down side to this job is that it kind of sucks away my social life, which is okay, because I don't have much of a social life to begin with. Its pretty weird not being in Olympia. Although it is awesome being just a short(er) bus ride from Seattle. 

I want to go to What The Heck Fest this summer, but it isn't looking too good. Heck Fest is the weekend before VBS, which is looking like the busiest week of the summer. And well, I have a lot to prepare and need to be back early-ish on Sunday. I discovered last year while busing to and from Anacortes, it is impossible to bus out of Anacortes on a Sunday. Maybe if I could get a ride to Mount Vernon, it is a possibility. Well hopefully I can figure it out. So if anyone wants to go to Heck Fest this summer, lets do it!! I am probably going to get my ticket soon. 

Oh and in other good news. I am riding my bike all over the place now. It is awesome that riding my bike comes with this false sense of superiority over my fellow man. (I mean man as in people, not like the sex man. I know this is pretty sexist but I decided that fellow man sounded better than fellow person, so suck it!) But really  I feel so superior now, like I am going to save the planet and all you car drives are causing the demise of the planet. I feel as though I am single handedly solving global warming. Oh and I feel hella punk rock. No, I am serious, ride a bike. And not cause its better for the earth or better for your health, but because it allows you to be an elitist ass hole. Great feeling! I understand you Olympia! I finally understand. (By the way, if you have a car I will still thankfully accept rides anywhere because riding a bike is fucking tiring, oh and if anyone wants to give me a car and pay for my gas I'll ditch this fucking bike in a second.) 

Go Critical Mass!! Woot!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in Edmonds

Summer Goals:

Ride my bike
Accomplish all my work goals
Live cheaply and save up for next year
Do lots of arts and crafts
Reconnect with old friends
Spend more time with my family

I have commited to blogging again, although I don't have internet where I am living, I can figure it out. I am currently living with my sister Katrina, her boyfriend Ryan, and their friend Henry. I kind of feel like I am in a sitcom because of the different personalities living in and visiting our tiny apartment. Katrina and I are so different as it is. It should be a fun little experiment.

I started working at the Jeremiah Center. I have only worked for the past to days, but I am already really excited about it. The people I am working with are really encourging me to take a lot of leadership and to plan and live out my on goals for this summer.

I am still feeling a little awkward. Awkward at my apartment, and awkward at my job. I just need to get settled and figure out the flow of this summer. I already miss my Olympia friends. It is wierd for them not to be a block a way. Well my life is currently uninteresting, but the future looks bright!

I want to stencil right now.