Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time On the Ole Hands

So a friend of mine tweeted this question; Do you ever wonder what people say about you when you're not around?

In my mind on a very conscious level I decided I didn't want to know, that it didn't really ever bother me, it was silly to let something like that get in your way or slow you down in the least bit.

But then I realized on a much more subtle level of my subconcious I decided I didn't care because I assumed people never ever spoke poorly about me. I mean maybe people who don't like me, but I don't care what they say. Their were these two girls that started a rumor in 8th grade that I stuffed my bra, it was dumb. But other than that I honestly don't think that anyone I am friends with would ever say things about me behind my back. Maybe it is really ignorant to think this.

Whatever, Ignorance is bliss I guess!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too Tired To Form Paragraphs

"Life is strange and people change and circle round again"

I don't know why I just quoted Page France. I think I should like more bands, bands are cool.

I'm 21 now. Here is what I can conclude about who Tasha is as a 21 year old:

-When it come down to spending 4 dollars on a burrito or 4 dollars on a beer, I will always choose a burrito.
-I don't actually like any bars I've been too, and I am still waiting to find the one that fits me right (Like in How I Met Your Mother, they have their bar)
-My mom is significantly cooler than me
-I still like getting coffee more than I like going to the bars.

I'm going to Minnesota soon. Corbin and I are flying together. I'm really anxious about the airport, like every thing leading up to getting on the plane. Corbin is really anxious about everything that happens once we get on the plane. We should make a great team. I'm excited to see Manders, DC, Rip and Amy... Mostly DC.

We have an espresso machine at the JC. Today I made a mean Mocha. Now like half of my life dreams have come true.

On Saturday I rode my bike a lot with Daniel. From 175th to the U district. It was like the first time all summer I exercised. For that last sentence I had to look up how to spell exercise. Dumb.

I paid rent over the phone. Fuck you postal system! You will not have my valuable stamps!

At my mom's we can't find the remote for the TV. She has the digital cable so you can't change the channel without it. The TV is stuck on Disney. Dumb.
I'm way too into the show Megan Wants a Millionaire.

I have too much work to do this week.