Saturday, December 20, 2008

No internet and no cable

Snow is really getting in the way of things. There is supposed to be a big ass storm tonight. I hope not, I don't want the Jeremiah Center's Christmas party to get canceled, that would blow. My mom doesn't have internet or cable at her house, I'm at Starbucks with Shelby using there wifi. I am obviously really bored without these commodities so I have taken to organizing the pictures, music, and documents on my computer. I have found a lot of things that are pretty embaressing. Like that were saved onto my computer during weird parts of my life and stand as a time capsle to different things I've experienced. After reading through some particularly vulernable word documents I realized that are some pretty embaressing things and all I wanted to do is erase them, but I will resist. I hate the words I've typed because they remind me that there was a time that I actually believed that bullshit. I need to remember that I use to think certain things, so that I can attempt to never think them again! I don't want to delete my past, but I sure as hell don't want to spend too much time reflecting on how much of a dumb ass I once was. Maybe having such a public blog is good for this reason. I've kept a journal on and off for most of high school and college, but that is different. What I write for my self is incredibly different than how I present myself on this thing. I always have the ability to pick up an old journal and know the deepest darkest secrets of 15 year old Tasha, but I am glad that now I have a public record of how Tasha presents herself to the world. What did I care about? Who was I hanging out with? What was pressing in my life?

I had a xanga when I was 15, I've read through some of those posts in recent years.

Hella dumb.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chips and coffee

I'm going to Edmonds soon. Tomorrow or the next day. I am not feeling good about leaving. I don't have anyone to take my place at the beach cabin yet. I haven't attempted to pack up any of my things or made solid arrangements to move downtown yet. I know I need to move, and I plan on it. My goal for this year was to live somewhere for 9 months. It would have been a record since college has started, and look at me, three months into a 9 month obligation and I am bailing. Laurel told me that if people move around or experience a lot of change in their childhood then once they grow up they have a hard time staying put. I can easily identify with a childhood of change and upheaval. I attended 7 different elementary schools and lived in countless amount of neighborhoods and houses. When I was in 5th grade my housing situation finally stabilized, I lived in the same house from then till I left for college. Although I found stability in my house, my living situation was definitely still fluctuating. The number of people residing in my house changed more often than the seasons. Family members, step siblings, random teenagers, even my sister Katrina moved in and out during middle and high school. The amount of people living in there would range anywhere from 6 to 11 people. Does the change and sporadic upheaval in my childhood cause me to be a restless adult?

It seems as though all the moves I've made since I graduated high school were utterly necessary, but why is it that I am the only one who moves every couple of months? Maybe I can stay in this new house till I graduate. I mean, I'm definitely going to be in Edmonds this summer, but the rent is cheap enough to keep it while I'm away. I probably should have this discussion with Heather and Lily instead of the internet. They probably have like a lease and stuff. Wow, I really am just diving head first into a situation that I haven't really thought out that well. That's okay though, this is definitely what needs to happen, its just not my style.

Today is snowy. Annoyingly snowy. We haven't been able to leave the Beach Cabin due to the dangerous roads. I don't know why this annoys me so much, but it is indeed driving me crazy. I don't have any other plans or anything today and I was really looking forward to having a relatively lazy day, but because I am STUCK here, it just feels all the more awful. Charlie and I walked to Island Market and got coffee and brownies (which are currently cooking in the oven!) so I guess I have gotten out today. In other more pressing issues, I realized after we got back from our adventurous store run, we are running dangerously low on toilet paper. I also realized shortly after returning to the store that I am in need of lady products, which would have been nice to know before we went to the store.

I know everyone who knows me has heard this but, I MISS THE REEF!!!! At first my friends mocked me, they didn't fully appreciate all the Reef has to offer. We arrive in downtown and what are our options?

New Moon? Good, yet never open! The hours are really limited and inconvenient. Also it is really small in there and they only have tables, no booths.

Quality Burrito? This place is open relatively late, but I am not that into burritos. 'Well Tasha, you don't need to get food, we all know you really love going out to get coffee.' Oh yeah, and they serve coffee in fricking glass, which is completely illogical and annoying. The seating set up is lovely.

Curbside? Do I need to explain?

La Voyeur? It has gotten really expensive and after nine it is a bar. I know that it wouldn't be that hard to be in there during bar hours, but I just don't care that much.

Darby's? Buhhh, actually this place has gotten a lot of business from me since the Reef closed. But don't get me wrong, I will never ever go into that hell whole while the Reef is open. I hate that fucking establishment. Seemingly it is a nice alternative. It serves decently priced diner food, it closes early but is still a good early evening location. It is right down town and the coffee is good. So what is so wrong with Darby's? Well simply, it is a parody. It is a parody of a real decent restaurant. If you looked at it through the window, you would think, nice establishment. If you perused the menu you might even believe you could get some good eats. Fuck, I bet you could even sit down and enjoy an entire meal and think, 'boy I like this place'. But let me assure you, it is all an illusion. I am not a needy customer. My needs are simple. You know what I don't fucking need? A fucking smart ass 'I think I am too cute to do my fucking job' asshole fuck. Charlie, a dear friend of mine, has always been a fan of the arch nemesis, something I have also seen as kind of childish. But, if I was a super hero, my arch nemesis would definitely be inattentive, sarcastic waiter dude from Darby's. Pink Stripes, as I will call him due to the fact that one time he wore a tank top with pink stripes, is everything I am not when it comes to diner culture. He is the anti Tasha. He takes something that I love and shits on it. Bahh, I wasn't meaning to go into this.

Maybe I need to care about more things.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Would you look at this weather?

I hate when I start blogs with "I haven't posted in awhile" or "I don't really have anything to talk about." I have definitely been guilty of this in the past, and I was tempted to do it just now. Why should I let my loyal readers know that my life is boring or whatever. That is bad marketing.

Tonight after the improv show and opening night of Book of Liz a bunch of people went to Denny's, were we where treated to the late night menu. Charlie was looking at pictures of pie and said "Its like there trying to manipulate me into buying this!" We had to explain to him that all advertising attempts to do this.

You know those stupid crane machines they have at places? Well they have one at Denny's on the west side, and in them they have rubber balls. There was a great variety of rubber balls ranging from Twizzlers, baby Betty Boop, various sports team, the Jetsons, and Reese's Pieces painted balls. But the best and single most unfitting of all these balls was the Nightmare on Elm Street ball! You know in dumb romance movies when the guy wins the girl the stupid stuffed bear at the carnival and she is like totally in love with him because of it? Dumb right? Well, I'm just going to say that if any chivalrous person out there wants to win over my heart they need to get me a fucking Nightmare on Elm Street rubber ball!

I'm pretty sure Potachos are a thing of the past :(

I had a goal this year to live in the same place for like 9 months straight. Well, I suck.

I wrote a screenplay. I need youngish looking actors, people who can pull of being 17. Anyone interested?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6th 2007 was a year ago

Post 100. 

I started this blog on December 6th 2007.

One year ago from today.

This is an average of a blog post every 3.56 days. 

Where was I last year?
I hated my job
I was doing poorly in school
I was still recovering from a break-up
and I could get a cup of coffee at the Reef for 1.25

So much has changed. 

I feel like my 100th blog should be super celebratory, but I'm not feeling it right now. 

I need to go to sleep. 
One year anniversary of I Never Knew a Revolutionary Who Was Afraid To Dance.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here all the Bombs Fade Away

I am not going on Facebook or Myspace for a week. I will probably save like 10 hours this week by not checking either of those pages. It is currently killing me. All I want to do is check them, but I won't!

Thanksgiving break was amazing this year! I literally just had so much fun everyday. I hung out with people I haven't seen in awhile, I met awesome new people, and I went to two great shows. Last thanksgiving break was so awful, RC and I broke up and my mom and I fought the entire time, it was our infamous myspace fight that resulted in my mom ignoring my existence for 3 days. I almost left Edmonds and spent the remainder of break in Olympia. I can't believe how much of a happier more fulfilled person I am this time around. I was just surrounding with amazing people who encourage me to be an awesome fun person.

I saw the Decemberists with Daniel on Sunday. We bought the tickets back in September I believe, maybe August actually. I remember the day vividly. Daniel called and left a message on my phone saying that we had good news and Daniel used to never leave messages (weirdly he does all the time now, but that might have been the first ever message he had left on my phone for the 4 years I've known him). I new as soon as I heard his cryptic message I knew that either the Decemberists, Page France, or Sufjan Stevens were playing a show. I called him and we bought tickets that night. They had a small pre-sale of tickets and we took advantage. I remember the UPS people had the hardest time finding my home to drop off the much anticipated tickets. I remember receiving a reimbursement check for the tickets from Daniel's dad which revealed my true identity as Natasha (opposed to Latasha) to Daniel's little sister. These tickets were a big deal. Last Friday I went to grab the tickets from the living room and couldn't find them. Panic. I looked in all the stacks of mail and loose paper. I looked under all the furniture. I looked in all the nooks in the crannies. I recruited the help of my family and they searched everywhere imaginable. My mom and I tag teamed taking all the bags of garbage out of the dumpster and searching through them. I probably looked for those damn tickets for at least 6 hours. My family lives in a pretty small apartment, and they had only been in the house for like 5 days at that point. They couldn't be buried that deep! I began to realize that maybe I wasn't going to find them I started exhausting other resources. I called and emailed ticketmaster, musictoday, and the Moore theatre. Each entity kept saying that I needed to contact the other one in order to get new tickets. I was hopeless.

The day the concert rolled around. I was talking to Daniel over facebook chat. He was asking what time we should head down to the concert and I kept insisting we show up early. He was not understanding why we needed to show up for the show 3 hours early. I needed to break the news to him. I told him I needed to tell him something but I needed to do it over the phone. I call and preface the conversation with "Okay, you can't get mad and you can't tell your parents." I nervously continued "I lost the tickets." and then the obvious reaction for Daniel was to accuse me of being a liar. I just started laughing! I think maybe I had just finally accepted that I misplaced 80 dollars worth of tickets, and relized how fricking funny that is.
"Why are you laughing?"
"Its psychotic Laughter!"

We get to the Moore theatre a few hours early and get in line. In line? I don't know, it seemed right. We are hanging out for awhile, drinking Tully's coffee when a lady walks by, "Anybody need any tickets."
"I do." But no cash!

I ran to the nearest ATM, it was in the whiskey bar. I walk in and head to the ATM. Some big dude come over to me and asks to see my ID, but oh wait, I'm only twenty. I leave and start looking for the next ATM, which is like 4 blocks away. I practically ran back and exchanged another 80 dollars for two more tickets. We get into the show and got good seats, in the third row.

The first band was pretty cool, I had never heard of them. Loch Lohan, I believe was their name. The weirdest thing is that the lights went down at exactly 8:00. I'm used to a show saying it starts at 8 and actually start at 9:30. The Decemberists where up next and they fricking rocked it! During their second song "The Island" Colin Meloy tells everyone to grab their chairs and push them off to the side. Dancing and singing and joy for the next two hours. The "last" song they played was Chimbley Sweep. It was wonderful. Of course they encored, and played 3 more songs. During the actual last one "Sons and Daughters" Colin Meloy starts encouraging people to come on stage and help him sing the song. I jumped up there and stood in close proximity to Colin. There might have been a hug exchanged at the end of the show between us, but I don't kiss and tell!

I was such a giddy little 15 year old girl (aka I was acting like Shelby). I haven't felt that starstruck like ever.

I have a huge research project due on Friday, I should be doing that, not this!
Riley fixed my computer. I have my computer!!
I offered to buy him a cup of coffee or something, and he said we can just call it even from the 150 dollars he owes me for a broken ipod he sold. Hmm, a cup of coffee vs. ipod?
Oh well, I have a computer again!