Saturday, December 20, 2008

No internet and no cable

Snow is really getting in the way of things. There is supposed to be a big ass storm tonight. I hope not, I don't want the Jeremiah Center's Christmas party to get canceled, that would blow. My mom doesn't have internet or cable at her house, I'm at Starbucks with Shelby using there wifi. I am obviously really bored without these commodities so I have taken to organizing the pictures, music, and documents on my computer. I have found a lot of things that are pretty embaressing. Like that were saved onto my computer during weird parts of my life and stand as a time capsle to different things I've experienced. After reading through some particularly vulernable word documents I realized that are some pretty embaressing things and all I wanted to do is erase them, but I will resist. I hate the words I've typed because they remind me that there was a time that I actually believed that bullshit. I need to remember that I use to think certain things, so that I can attempt to never think them again! I don't want to delete my past, but I sure as hell don't want to spend too much time reflecting on how much of a dumb ass I once was. Maybe having such a public blog is good for this reason. I've kept a journal on and off for most of high school and college, but that is different. What I write for my self is incredibly different than how I present myself on this thing. I always have the ability to pick up an old journal and know the deepest darkest secrets of 15 year old Tasha, but I am glad that now I have a public record of how Tasha presents herself to the world. What did I care about? Who was I hanging out with? What was pressing in my life?

I had a xanga when I was 15, I've read through some of those posts in recent years.

Hella dumb.


roarin said...

Good for you for not deleting. Those types of word documents fly into my trash bin so fast, it would make your head spin!

And I agree, the types of public blogs we keep are an interesting thing.

I miss you!

ewokvsraptor! said...

hey girl. i created a blog.

but you are without internet so i am going to call you!

Anonymous said...


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