Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chips and coffee

I'm going to Edmonds soon. Tomorrow or the next day. I am not feeling good about leaving. I don't have anyone to take my place at the beach cabin yet. I haven't attempted to pack up any of my things or made solid arrangements to move downtown yet. I know I need to move, and I plan on it. My goal for this year was to live somewhere for 9 months. It would have been a record since college has started, and look at me, three months into a 9 month obligation and I am bailing. Laurel told me that if people move around or experience a lot of change in their childhood then once they grow up they have a hard time staying put. I can easily identify with a childhood of change and upheaval. I attended 7 different elementary schools and lived in countless amount of neighborhoods and houses. When I was in 5th grade my housing situation finally stabilized, I lived in the same house from then till I left for college. Although I found stability in my house, my living situation was definitely still fluctuating. The number of people residing in my house changed more often than the seasons. Family members, step siblings, random teenagers, even my sister Katrina moved in and out during middle and high school. The amount of people living in there would range anywhere from 6 to 11 people. Does the change and sporadic upheaval in my childhood cause me to be a restless adult?

It seems as though all the moves I've made since I graduated high school were utterly necessary, but why is it that I am the only one who moves every couple of months? Maybe I can stay in this new house till I graduate. I mean, I'm definitely going to be in Edmonds this summer, but the rent is cheap enough to keep it while I'm away. I probably should have this discussion with Heather and Lily instead of the internet. They probably have like a lease and stuff. Wow, I really am just diving head first into a situation that I haven't really thought out that well. That's okay though, this is definitely what needs to happen, its just not my style.

Today is snowy. Annoyingly snowy. We haven't been able to leave the Beach Cabin due to the dangerous roads. I don't know why this annoys me so much, but it is indeed driving me crazy. I don't have any other plans or anything today and I was really looking forward to having a relatively lazy day, but because I am STUCK here, it just feels all the more awful. Charlie and I walked to Island Market and got coffee and brownies (which are currently cooking in the oven!) so I guess I have gotten out today. In other more pressing issues, I realized after we got back from our adventurous store run, we are running dangerously low on toilet paper. I also realized shortly after returning to the store that I am in need of lady products, which would have been nice to know before we went to the store.

I know everyone who knows me has heard this but, I MISS THE REEF!!!! At first my friends mocked me, they didn't fully appreciate all the Reef has to offer. We arrive in downtown and what are our options?

New Moon? Good, yet never open! The hours are really limited and inconvenient. Also it is really small in there and they only have tables, no booths.

Quality Burrito? This place is open relatively late, but I am not that into burritos. 'Well Tasha, you don't need to get food, we all know you really love going out to get coffee.' Oh yeah, and they serve coffee in fricking glass, which is completely illogical and annoying. The seating set up is lovely.

Curbside? Do I need to explain?

La Voyeur? It has gotten really expensive and after nine it is a bar. I know that it wouldn't be that hard to be in there during bar hours, but I just don't care that much.

Darby's? Buhhh, actually this place has gotten a lot of business from me since the Reef closed. But don't get me wrong, I will never ever go into that hell whole while the Reef is open. I hate that fucking establishment. Seemingly it is a nice alternative. It serves decently priced diner food, it closes early but is still a good early evening location. It is right down town and the coffee is good. So what is so wrong with Darby's? Well simply, it is a parody. It is a parody of a real decent restaurant. If you looked at it through the window, you would think, nice establishment. If you perused the menu you might even believe you could get some good eats. Fuck, I bet you could even sit down and enjoy an entire meal and think, 'boy I like this place'. But let me assure you, it is all an illusion. I am not a needy customer. My needs are simple. You know what I don't fucking need? A fucking smart ass 'I think I am too cute to do my fucking job' asshole fuck. Charlie, a dear friend of mine, has always been a fan of the arch nemesis, something I have also seen as kind of childish. But, if I was a super hero, my arch nemesis would definitely be inattentive, sarcastic waiter dude from Darby's. Pink Stripes, as I will call him due to the fact that one time he wore a tank top with pink stripes, is everything I am not when it comes to diner culture. He is the anti Tasha. He takes something that I love and shits on it. Bahh, I wasn't meaning to go into this.

Maybe I need to care about more things.


Celena said...

I love you Tasha! I'm sad that you're snowed in and leaving for Edmonds. Lemme know if you head to town.

lily said...

Our lives align and we're not even living together yet.
So, yeah, Heather - if you're reading this: I owe you toilet paper and feminine products. Was going to run errands after I stopped by the duplex for boots but driving was too terrifying so I swiped some supplies from our place. At least you have brownies. I'm in such a baking mood but I have no supplies at all. Ingredients or otherwise (it's only now that she's out that I realize I've been using Claire's equipment for a year). I tried to get a little of the "making stuff" bug out of my system by melting chocolate chips in the microwave and dipping animal crackers in it. It didn't really work out.

Amanda said...


Charlie said...

Coffee in a glass is an insult to the coffee gods.

And lilly, I've had the baking bug too, it must be from the weather.