Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6th 2007 was a year ago

Post 100. 

I started this blog on December 6th 2007.

One year ago from today.

This is an average of a blog post every 3.56 days. 

Where was I last year?
I hated my job
I was doing poorly in school
I was still recovering from a break-up
and I could get a cup of coffee at the Reef for 1.25

So much has changed. 

I feel like my 100th blog should be super celebratory, but I'm not feeling it right now. 

I need to go to sleep. 
One year anniversary of I Never Knew a Revolutionary Who Was Afraid To Dance.



carhenge said...

Hell yeah!!!

One year ago was a terrible, wonderful time! Now is a newer, different time! Celebrate the fact that it's still good, bad, and kind of uncertain.

Myyysssssterrryyyyyy of liiiiiife!

See you in THREE WEEKS.

roarin said...

I love you and I love Carley