Monday, December 31, 2007

Sick :(

I am sick I guess. I'm Feeling better now. Today I mostly laid around, not feeling good. It was no fun. Later this evening I decided to take a bath. Now if you know me, you understand that me wanting to bathe is a weird enough thing, but taking a bath instead of showering, that is unheard of. I literally probably haven't taken a bath since middle school. It was nice, I was just laying in the water for like an hour. I just kept letting out water and adding more. I felt bad for wasting water.

But yeah the bath was nice.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A little too rock star for my taste.

I went to a show Thursday night. It had been awhile. I mean I have been to the kaz-ba a lot, but I guess I don't really consider that a show, because I don't go for the music. I saw the Pharmacy last night, surprise surprise! It was a good show, lots 'o fun! I am definitely going to go to shows more frequently, or at least attempt to. The show was at Chop Suey. One Thursday a month they have something called Club Pop, it is an 18+ club where bands play. In between bands they just have dance music and everyone gets down. I love it. I don't think real clubs are much like Club Pop, but if they are, sign me up!

The Pharmacy set was pretty good. I got to see a lot of the Pharmacy regulars, you know, the kids that go to all the shows. I used to be one of those kids, but I haven't really been seeing them lately. It was kind of annoying seeing them on a stage, I just really don't like stages, or at least really high stages. At the end of the set Scotty broke his guitar to shit. It was cool to watch, but maybe a little too rock star for my taste. I guess they are getting more popular and I have to accept that.

After the show Nathan and I went to Denny's. We were there for like 3 hours. I had so much coffee. We discussed music and the meaning of punk rock for awhile. It was a good conversation.

Yesterday my little sister got the stomach flu, which means I will inevitably also get the flu.

This morning I woke up really early and I am not exactly sure why. I decided to watch a movie On Demand. I was browsing for awhile through the selections of free movies available. One of them was Dangerous Minds. I remembered reading on Wikipedia that Michael Cera was in a movie called Dangerous Minds so I watched it. About an hour into the movie I still didn't have any Cera, so I decided to pop on the internet and check out that Wikipedia sight, and it turns out that he was in a movie called "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." So yeah, damn it.

My stomach hurts, I don't know if it is because I have been awake for 3 hours and haven't eaten anything, or because I have to vom vom. It is way to early.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


So this isn't my favorite holiday. I am not a fan of different aspects of "Jesus' Birthday." I got some cool shit. Most importantly speakers for my computer. These things are going to blow the roof off. I got an array of "smelly stuff" as I call it. This "stuff" includes, but isn't limited to, bath soap, bath salt, lotion, body butter, perfume, and bubble bath. Every year I get quiet a large selection of smelly stuff. I feel like I have made it clear to most people in my life that I don't really use that kind of a thing, but maybe they think if they keep on buying me things, I will eventually start to smell better. Nope, I am stinky and here to stay! stinky!

As much as I get really annoyed with Christmas cliches, like Christmas lights, Christmas songs, Christmas decorations, This year I got really caught up in the moment. So far as long as I can remember it has never snowed on Christmas, after I opened my presents, I looked out the window and saw the snow coming down. It was magical. Magical!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Crop circles, bas ass.

I haven't blogged in a couple of days. Nothing has happened worth talking about. I have four dollars. After I emptied both of my bank accounts I have a total of four dollars. Its tough. I haven't been this broke in a very long time. It feels weird to be this dependent on other people. This morning I had to spend 75 cents to get home, I can't afford to go places!! Several people in my life have been kind enough to support my coffee habit, I love these people.

I had a dream last night. I was looking through my purse and I find 17 dollars. How sad is my life that in all my wildest dreams and fantasies, the best I can do is 17 fricking dollars. What is even more sad is that when I woke up I was super disappointed to realize that I didn't have that 17 dollars.

I had apple pie today. It was aight.

I am watching this show about the books that didn't make it into the bible. Their might have been more to the gospel according to mark that the church left out. I guess if this book is legit, it talks about Jesus being close with other guys. Gay undertones. I'm alright with that.

You know what movie is going to suck? National Treasure 2, just saying.

I really really want big foot to be real. That would be so cool. It would give a lot of street cred back to crazy red necks. The Loch Ness Monster, we all know that is a joke, but big foot has potential. Crop circles, bad ass. I like watching all the pseudo educational channels that have countless big foot shows. National Geographic channel has some good quality entertainment.

Has anyone seen that show Phil of the Future. It sucks, so if you haven't seen it, don't! Well there is this family that is from the future. Two kids, Phil and his little sister Pim. This girl is the most evil character I have seen on television. I once read that Iago from the play Othello, was the most evil character is all of literature. But this Pim girl is an annoying brat. I think if she was a real person, her family wouldn't lover her. I also can't stand Hannah Montana. Her voice makes me want to stab myself. I really need to stop watching TV.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sharis vs Denny's

Unfortunately since the death of the Pine Cone Cafe (damn you Tom!) the greater Edmonds area has been lacking a good late night diner. Beth's Cafe is pretty sweet, but that is all the way in North Seattle. It really is slim pickings around these parts. Basically I must make the choice between Sharis and Denny's. They are both corporate overpriced diners that I really don't like supporting, but alas I have that caffeine addiction needs to be curbed one way or another. In the last two nights I have been to both if them. I am going to review the pros and cons of each to decide which I should be going to when I am in Edmonds. I believe there are several different things to look at when considering which diner is preferable. These things are; convenience of location, seating, prices, food, service, menus, name of establishment, and of course most importantly the freaking coffee.

Both are located on highway 99 and easily accessible by the 101. Sharis is 1 mile north of my house and Denny's is 1 mile south. They are equally easy to get to.

Every Sharis you ever will go to will be set up in the same manner. They are all six sided and almost identical. I like this comfort. Sharis is almost completely made up of booths, which is a big plus. I feel much less vulnerable at a booth than in a table. Denny's, or at least the on near my house, is mostly tables. Fuck tables. I don't like sitting at a table if I can help it. My friends and I are generally pretty obnoxious, so I appreciate the privacy of the booths. Sharis definitely wins in the seating category.

Although I must say both are over priced for what you get, Denny's is definitely cheaper. The prices are pretty similar, but Denny's portions are more forgiving than cheap ass Sharis. Although the 1.50 mashed potatoes are pretty bad ass.

Both pretty shitty. Denny's has pretty good seasoned fries. Sharis has these deep fried ravioli things, I know that sounds gross, but the are good news. I don't know, this catoegory is probably a tie.

I usually get pretty average to poor service at Denny's, nothing to write home about. Sharis has some really nice people on the wait staff. I wouldn't call any of it service "good". Something Sharis does is they put a pot of coffee on the table for me too serve myself. I am alright with this, I get plenty of coffee. Despite these things, I can't go without mentioning that Sharis manager is an asshole. He has accused me of being drunk at his establishment on several occasions. He has told me he doesn't want me and my friends going there. Bad service!!

Denny's menus are pretty straight forward, to the point. Sharis are way too big and completely random. Somethings are not even listed on the menu (like the mashed potatoes) and somethings are listed 7 different times (like the specialty soup). Denny's takes this one home.

They both lack creativity. But at least Denny's addresses the apostrophe needed to make the title work. Sharis is living a lie. It needs an apostrophe to fricking work!! damn it!

Denny's coffee is descent at best. Sharis coffee, on the other hand, fricking rules! I love Arosta. They have the traditional roast, bold roast, and a decaf roast. This shit is rock 'n roll. I mean, coffee is very important to me. I love Arosta. hell yeah!!

So after considering all these things I have decided the best diner in Edmonds is...

Drum roll please...

... They both suck.

I miss the Reef :(

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One last thought...

My mom went to the store last night and asked me if I wanted anything. I said cookies. She brought home some gross sugar cookies with green frosting. Obviously, the default cookie is chocolate chip. If someone does not specify what kind of cookie they want, always assume CHOCOLATE CHIP. My mom did not know this rule and now I'm stuck with sugar fucking cookies with green fucking frosting. Come on!!

Christmas is ruined.

Dumb Hoe

The season finale of a Shot at Love with Tila Tequila was on last night. Dumb hoe. She didn't choose Dani. I'm still pretty upset about this. I'm glad I didn't put money on this show, because I would have lost. Really if you think about it, Dominico should have won. 100% Italian ass.

Anyways, their is more going on in my life than Tila Tequila. On the season finale of America's Most Smartest Model VJ won. Crazy!! No but really, I need to stop watching so much damn TV. My family has digital cable. This shit is horrible. We have like 900 channels. I need to read some books.

Christmas is just a week away. I decided this year I am not doing Christmas. This isn't just because I am super broke. I feel like Christmas is just a gross example of consumerism in this country and I don't want to support that. I mean Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus' birth, but I think we all know how far from reality that is. I just don't think I need to validate my love for my family and friends by buying them material things out of an obligation. Every year my Mom spends so much money on getting my family really nice gifts. I completely appreciate all that she has ever given me, but I don't think it is worth all the stress. It is just our culture reinforcing how important things are. I don't need things to be happy. I think being a Christian should make me even more appalled by this holiday. Just a thought. So don't expect any gifts anyone, cause I am not having any part of these shenanigans any longer.

Right now I am watching Anti-Trust. This shit is dumb.

I went to breakfast this morning with Nathan. It was the earliest I have woken up since break started. Now I am all awake after several cups of coffee and absolutely nothing to do. When I am at school I am always so busy with barely anytime to sit around and do nothing. Now that I have been on break for 5 days I have absolutely no idea what to do with all this free time. Most of my friends in Edmonds either work or are still in school. Which leaves me a very lonely person.

I want to see a really good movie. Any ideas?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I just wish I could have both

I am on break. My mommy picked me up from Olympia on friday. I took a long time to get home. First, we are about twenty minutes outside Olympia making our way north when suddenly I realize I have forgotten my cellphone. My mom graciously turned around and let me retrieve my phone. If I am out and my phone dies, I freak. I feel completely vulnerable and disorganized without my it. If I had to go three weeks without my phone I would not be very happy. But anyways we get my phone and are heading to Seattle. We are giving Jai a ride home also (not to Guam, but Greenlake). During our trip I drink an entire Gatorade and by the time we hit Boeing air field I have to pee really really bad. My mom asks if I can make it till we reach downtown Seattle, which is about 10 minutes from south Seattle. I agree to this, but just as we are going over the hill and can see the city for the first time, I realize we are in crazy ass traffic. Their is no way I can make it too Seattle. Mt bladder was so full, the pressure hurt so bad and fricking Jai is making pee noises. I am nineteen, I can't pee my pants, especially in front of Jai. I tell my mom she need to get off the free way now (I might have also threatened to pee in her car). He get off the freeway in south Seattle and spend way too long looking for a bathroom. My mom refused to let me pee outside. We finally drop off Jai and get home.

It has been a little weird beign in Edmonds. Every since my family moved I don't feel completely at home anymore. Most of my friends here are still in school and or still working. I don't feel as close with alot of people here anymore. It is kind of lonely sometimes.

I saw Juno today. Fricking ruled. One day me and Michael Cera will be married. Good good movie. I would say more but I don't want to spoil anything. But if you have seen it and want to talk about it give me a call!!

I went to the kaz-ba tonight. It was kind of weird. I don't really feel like going into to much detail. It is hard when things change. I guess I kind of expect people in Edmonds to stay the same and wait around for me to get back in town, but that is unrealistic. When I am in Olympia I am growing and changing. When people are in Edmonds they are growing and changing. I just wish things would go back to the way they were before I left. But I left. No one left me, I left them. I visit alot, more than most people visit their friends and family back home I think. Unfortunetly a part of me has left Edmonds and will probably never come back. Its hard to imagine that Edmonds is no longer my home. I love college and I am super glad I am there. I just wish I could have both. Maybe this sounds dramatic, but unlike a lot of college students, I didn't want to escape where I grew up. I love my family and my friends in Edmonds. When I left for college all I wanted was to live in Edmonds again. I needed to leave, I realize this now. It has helped me grow up, alot.

I am going to try and sleep now. Too much coffee!! I have been in a weird funk every since I have been back. Hopefully I stop feeling sorry for myself and enjoy my time away from Olympia. Atleast I don't have to eat Greenery for three weeks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What do you do when presented with a bag of poop?

Today is Tuesday of evaluation week and I am already painfully bored. I ran out of greenery block meals. I am bored and hungry. There is crap in the water, literal human feces is rumored to taint Olympia's tap water. Don't drink it!! I watched a lot of television today. Watching TV with Jai is pretty bitter sweet. On one hand I love spending time with Jai and she brightens me day. On the other, when she is in control of the remote and spends 5 fucking minutes flipping through the same 60 channels I want to punch her in the face. I watched three hours of episodes of Tila Tequila I had already seen. I am getting bored retelling the events from the night.

Anyways so after several long hours of doing absolutely nothing we decide it is time to make things more interesting. We talk for awhile about creative ways to prank people. Their was talk about toilet papering someones room or common room, things to that extent. Then someone, I am not sure who, suggests we crap in a paper bag and put it outside Riley's room. I am not sure why, but I personally really enjoy the idea of having a bag full of crap. Maybe all the Gatorade I have been drinking in order to avoid poopy water had effected my thought process, but I really really wanted a bag of poop. Carley thought the idea was disgusting and didn't understand what was funny about a bag of poop. Charlie thought is was a funny idea. Jai just really wanted me to poop in the bag. Once I was put on the spot, I started feeling really self conscious about my poop. If I were to shit in a bag my poop would be on display for everyone to see and that puts a lot of pressure for me to have a good poo. I started feeling really vulnerable. What if my poop smells weird? is shaped weird? an off color? I really didn't need that sort of ridicule. I chickened out and wouldn't poop in the bag.

Jokingly, I asked some resident of Charlie's to poop in the bag. I told him I would give him a dollar. He declined, but after awhile he came back and said a friend would do it for free. Excitingly I gave him the bag. I was glad that our plan was underway. A few minutes later this guy returns holding the bag. I kind of freaked out a little, what do you do when presented with a bag of poop? Carley and Jai ran from the room. Charlie was first to inspect the bag. He had a disappointed look on his face, "There is just like two little poos." I decided to investigate. I slowly edged closure to the bag and carefully opened it. It was one of the most underwhelming experiences. Instead of a grand poo, I had before me two little poo chips. They looked more like a fart than a poop. I would be embarrassed to set that on someone's door. Pathetic.

Now we were left with a large brown paper bag that contained two fart chip poos. What to do? They seemed to insignificant to actually mess with someone with. But we had worked so hard to obtain them. We eventually trickled out of the common room into Charlie's room. I am not sure everyones reasons for the change of location, but personally I felt slightly uncomfortable being in the room with the poop. We all sat, a little disappointed after our failed poop scheme had failed. We decided to get dressed up weird. I put on Charlie's football helmet and an array of green and blue fabric. Jai dressed up in weird layers of Charlie's clothes. Suddenly the guy who had hooked up the poop came in, he told us another friend had to poo and offered to add to our collection.

After several minutes our bag is returned, heavier and much more promising. I decided not to look inside, I didn't need the disappointment. Charlie insured me that the poo was more promising than before. After some quick deliberation we decided that this sort of attack would be better aimed at Olson, mostly because we thought he would appreciate it most.

We headed out to the Mods, dressed like freaks and carrying a bag of poop. We set it on Matt's windshield. It was slightly anti climatic. We then returned to our homes and disbursed. All and all it was a pretty boring night.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tangrams and online shopping, not PR.

I want to be in a band. I want to be really good at music. I want to have a song that everyone in the crowd sings along to. I want another song that only one person knows the words to, but sings along with passion and conviction. I want to play shows in basements. I want to travel across the country and play a show that only 20 people attend.

I don't want to be famous or idolized. I don't want to be wealthy or successful. I don't want to be on 107.7 the end.

I want to be punk rock.

Carley, Charlie and I are currently collaborating to attempt to make music. Hey Glove! we like to call ourselves. It is a slow and frustrating process at times. There is just something I am missing when it comes to music. I don't get it. I listen to it all the time, but I'm somehow incapable of creating music. This is really getting in my way to be in band.

I also think being an RA is preventing me from exercising my full punk rock potential.

Hey Glove! has discussed maybe becoming more of a performance art band. Working more on the performance aspect of the music and working with other mediums. I am a little afraid that maybe this loose definition means something drastically different to all three of us.

I went to the Reef today, so it has been a pretty good day. More Taboo. Failed football. I called Matt Louv to invite him to hang out. It was around 11 o clock at night (at which point I had only been awake for about 7 hours). He told me he was Christmas shopping online and then planned on going to bed earlier. I believe this makes him lame. Maybe more lame than Tangrams.

Tangrams and online shopping, not PR.

I am going to attempt to squeeze my way into piano and voice next quarter. maybe they can teach me something useful. I do have hope for Hey Glove! If anything, we are all fucking awesome dancers!! I really need to go to sleep. Tomorrow needs to be productive to make up for today.

Are you ready for a corny, yet meaningful quote that emphasis how I feel?

"I know we've got out faults and I must say that I agree, but punk rock music saved my life I can sing it honestly"
-Ghost Mice

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I lost my voice. I loose it more often than the average person I think. I use it so often, sometimes it needs a break.

Last night I played two different games of Taboo. The first was at Matt Louv's house. Jai and I played against Matt, Riley, and Neal. They won. If you don't know how Taboo works, you get a card and it has a word on it. One person tries to get their team mate to say that word without saying the other five words on the card that are similar or compliment the main word. Me and Jai didn't have the best communication, but their were still some words that only I would have guessed based off Jai's Explanation. For example:

Jai: "It's an animal. It is christmasy. Oh it isn't an animal."
Me: "... An elf?"
Jai: "Yeah!"

The next game was Carley and I versus Jai and Riley. Me and Carley won with a 30 some point margin. We played until about 4 in the morning.

Due to my competitive nature I was very invested in this game. I sometimes get mean when I am playing games (especially Monopoly). I was screaming alot during our game. Now I don't have a voice.

Me: "Something Heather will never do because she hates commitment"
Carley: "Marriage"

Me "Oh no!! this is the worse thing in the whole world"
Carley: "Acne, pimples, zits!"

Jai: "What you poop out"
Me: "... Shit"
Jai: "No"
The answer was giving birth.

Riley: "Something I like to put in my mouth"
Jai: "..."
Me: "Cock!"

Saturday, December 8, 2007

KAOS CD sale!

The radio station on campus had a large CD sale. All of the "rock" albums were 2 dollars and everything else was 3. I ended up getting 20 dollars worth of CDs, all of which were artists I had never listened to before. It is definitely a gamble paying money for something that could suck, but we only live once!

I still haven't listened to all of the CDs yet but so far the diamond in the rough is the album Sexor by Tiga. I purchased this CD because it sounded hilarious. I mean SEXOR, come on!! Well I turned out that it is indeed fricking hilarious. The first few lines of the album are "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Planet Sexor, where imaginaton rules the nation, where the (bleep) rain always washes you clean and where sexy lightning always strikes twice twice twice."

I feel like that speaks for itself.

viva la funk.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

So... Some Good News and Some Bad News.

I like coffee.

When I am stuck in Olympia, I enjoy going out with friends and drinking a lot of coffee. My sanctuary in this small town is a late night dinner called King Solomon's Reef. The Reef serves up a $1.25 cup of Olympia Roasting Company coffee. This is good stuff. Their are countless reasons why the Reef has taken so much of my heart, but good coffee definitely helps.

One thing I can really appreciate about small town culture is the concept of "the Regular," where all the waiters and waitress know their name and their order. The Regular goes to this place so often that their pressence is almost expected, and always appreciated. In a world where so much of our interactions with strangers in the public sphere are robotic and uncomfortable, I greatly admire a businesses that treats me like a human. I am constantly striving to become a "regular" at an all night dinner.

I have put in alot of hours at the Reef. I would consider myself a loyal customer and give them alot of business. I also recognize that the majority of the Reef's patrons are college students who probably consider themselves Regulars. A few months ago I was at the Reef. I was sitting around with several friends, we had just arrived. When Lyle a waiter at the Reef was taking orders, he turned to me and said "You want a cup of coffee, no cream." This may seem like an insignicant detail, but the fact that he knew I wanted coffee without cream was one of my happier moments. This should in no way reflect on my general happiness, I am a very happy person. His statement reinforced that my presence at the Reef is noticed, the first step to becoming a Regular.

Tonight I was once again enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee and conversing with friends about the good ole times. I ordered a pacman(off menu item), which is an english muffin with an egg and cheese (option of ham or bacon, but I don't eat meat). After spending many hours fueling my caffiene addiction we all lined up at the register to pay. After my transaction was finished, I informed my friends (quit loudly) that I needed to use the restroom. The waitress that worked our table all night offered for me to use the "Clean Bathroom." She pointed into a vacant room and told me to go all the way back. To the best of my knowledge this bathroom isn't neccesarily open to the public, or atleast it isn't advertised as a public restroom. It was a wonderful and joyous pee. I am sure the offer was made to me with very little consideration for how it would make me feel, but it made me feel so appreciated. I felt honored as a patron of the Reef and it filled me with hope that one day I will be a Regular.

I can imagine it now. I walk in and sit up to the bar. I don't need to neccesarily show up with friends, because I will have plenty of people their who I know and am friendly with.
"Hey Tasha(or some nickname the staff was bestowed upon me), what will it be tonight?"
Barely looking up from my newspaper, I will casually respond, "Oh the usual." The waitress will playfully shake her head and make a friendly comment about how predicitable I am. I will lightheartedly rebuttle with a comment referring to an inside joke we share. I would then light my cigarette (obviously I would pick up smoking) and drink my coffee, being completely content with my calculable life.

Why is this my bliss?

On the drive home from the Reef tonight I was talking with Charlie about my invitation to use the "Clean Bathroom." In my excitement I told him I wanted to blog my feelings. He said I should start a blog.

So here I am, starting a blog.

And now the bad news.

After having a wonderful evening at the Reef, reconnecting with friends from the 4th floor, I was hanging out in Charlie's room talking with him, Jai, Heather and Riley. We were discussing the world and how everything is so horrible and how we feel so small and helpless compared to it all. The conversation was interupted by screams. Someone was yelling, "Get off me." Everyone in the room looked at each other and instantly ran out onto the balcony of the 5th floor of A building. We see two police officers pinning a resident on the ground. I am attempting to discern the situation when I hear a voice yell, "Let go of him, I am an RA" (or something to that extent). I recognized the voice as my fellow RA, Nick. I didn't see the situation go down, but if he was upset, then something must have been wrong. Moments later I see him and Colin fly down the stairs, heading for the conflict. Feeling an obligation to assist the situation, I also go down stairs to see what is going on. As I get a closer look I notice that the resident who is being pinned down lives in my area.

Many students had gathered around to watch the incident, many were very upset by what they had seen. Some began chanting and yelling at the cops and others began smoking outside designated smoking areas in defiance, which seemed to be the root cause of this entire conflict. Once I had realized that the resident who was being pinned on the pavement was one of ym residents I immediately sought after my boss, the on duty RD. I asked her what had happened. I then asked both the on duty RAs. I then began asking people who claimed to have witnessed the conflict. Every person had a drastically different depiction of the events that had unfolded. This made it very hard for me to believe anyone person. All I know for a fact is that two police officers were very violent with one of my residents.

I could attempt to repeat all the different testimonys I heard, but I have no interest in perpetuating rumors. I didn't see what happened, so I cannot begin to guess what actually went down. Some students told me they got video, which I would be very interested in seeing. Despite what actually happened, many students are pissed off. This is just generally stressful. This part of my job is conflicting with my views. It is hard for me to rationalize that sort of police force when I don't really agree with the intitution of police or using force in any situation. I find contradiction in being an RA and still maintaining my liberal views on authority (if you can call them liberal). I recognized that despite how I felt about the situation I needed to be doing what I viewed as right. I attempted to create peace amongst the students who were very upset and wanting to do something in response to their friend being arrested. I gave some especially upset students the number to the chief of police at Evergreen, encouraging them to articulate their complants and then address the police officers boss. I explained that this was the best path to see results from their complants.

It is hard to be an RA. I don't like it most of the time. I was pulled aside by a co-worker, he asked me information about my resident that was getting arrested. What is his name? What state is he from? I pretended that I didn't know any of this information. I didn't feel like it was my job to assist the cops in arresting someone, espcially because I don't think they have just cause to do so. I really felt like I was put in an awkard position, I generally care about my residents and want to protect them, but at the same time I also care about my fellow RAs.

I want to stress the importance of not falling into the temptation to combat violence with violence. It is completely nonsensical. I don't like violence, so I will attempt to active make peace.

The revolution is hard.

I good really use some coffee.