Saturday, December 8, 2007

KAOS CD sale!

The radio station on campus had a large CD sale. All of the "rock" albums were 2 dollars and everything else was 3. I ended up getting 20 dollars worth of CDs, all of which were artists I had never listened to before. It is definitely a gamble paying money for something that could suck, but we only live once!

I still haven't listened to all of the CDs yet but so far the diamond in the rough is the album Sexor by Tiga. I purchased this CD because it sounded hilarious. I mean SEXOR, come on!! Well I turned out that it is indeed fricking hilarious. The first few lines of the album are "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Planet Sexor, where imaginaton rules the nation, where the (bleep) rain always washes you clean and where sexy lightning always strikes twice twice twice."

I feel like that speaks for itself.

viva la funk.

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