Monday, December 10, 2007

Tangrams and online shopping, not PR.

I want to be in a band. I want to be really good at music. I want to have a song that everyone in the crowd sings along to. I want another song that only one person knows the words to, but sings along with passion and conviction. I want to play shows in basements. I want to travel across the country and play a show that only 20 people attend.

I don't want to be famous or idolized. I don't want to be wealthy or successful. I don't want to be on 107.7 the end.

I want to be punk rock.

Carley, Charlie and I are currently collaborating to attempt to make music. Hey Glove! we like to call ourselves. It is a slow and frustrating process at times. There is just something I am missing when it comes to music. I don't get it. I listen to it all the time, but I'm somehow incapable of creating music. This is really getting in my way to be in band.

I also think being an RA is preventing me from exercising my full punk rock potential.

Hey Glove! has discussed maybe becoming more of a performance art band. Working more on the performance aspect of the music and working with other mediums. I am a little afraid that maybe this loose definition means something drastically different to all three of us.

I went to the Reef today, so it has been a pretty good day. More Taboo. Failed football. I called Matt Louv to invite him to hang out. It was around 11 o clock at night (at which point I had only been awake for about 7 hours). He told me he was Christmas shopping online and then planned on going to bed earlier. I believe this makes him lame. Maybe more lame than Tangrams.

Tangrams and online shopping, not PR.

I am going to attempt to squeeze my way into piano and voice next quarter. maybe they can teach me something useful. I do have hope for Hey Glove! If anything, we are all fucking awesome dancers!! I really need to go to sleep. Tomorrow needs to be productive to make up for today.

Are you ready for a corny, yet meaningful quote that emphasis how I feel?

"I know we've got out faults and I must say that I agree, but punk rock music saved my life I can sing it honestly"
-Ghost Mice

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