Sunday, December 9, 2007


I lost my voice. I loose it more often than the average person I think. I use it so often, sometimes it needs a break.

Last night I played two different games of Taboo. The first was at Matt Louv's house. Jai and I played against Matt, Riley, and Neal. They won. If you don't know how Taboo works, you get a card and it has a word on it. One person tries to get their team mate to say that word without saying the other five words on the card that are similar or compliment the main word. Me and Jai didn't have the best communication, but their were still some words that only I would have guessed based off Jai's Explanation. For example:

Jai: "It's an animal. It is christmasy. Oh it isn't an animal."
Me: "... An elf?"
Jai: "Yeah!"

The next game was Carley and I versus Jai and Riley. Me and Carley won with a 30 some point margin. We played until about 4 in the morning.

Due to my competitive nature I was very invested in this game. I sometimes get mean when I am playing games (especially Monopoly). I was screaming alot during our game. Now I don't have a voice.

Me: "Something Heather will never do because she hates commitment"
Carley: "Marriage"

Me "Oh no!! this is the worse thing in the whole world"
Carley: "Acne, pimples, zits!"

Jai: "What you poop out"
Me: "... Shit"
Jai: "No"
The answer was giving birth.

Riley: "Something I like to put in my mouth"
Jai: "..."
Me: "Cock!"

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