Friday, December 28, 2007

A little too rock star for my taste.

I went to a show Thursday night. It had been awhile. I mean I have been to the kaz-ba a lot, but I guess I don't really consider that a show, because I don't go for the music. I saw the Pharmacy last night, surprise surprise! It was a good show, lots 'o fun! I am definitely going to go to shows more frequently, or at least attempt to. The show was at Chop Suey. One Thursday a month they have something called Club Pop, it is an 18+ club where bands play. In between bands they just have dance music and everyone gets down. I love it. I don't think real clubs are much like Club Pop, but if they are, sign me up!

The Pharmacy set was pretty good. I got to see a lot of the Pharmacy regulars, you know, the kids that go to all the shows. I used to be one of those kids, but I haven't really been seeing them lately. It was kind of annoying seeing them on a stage, I just really don't like stages, or at least really high stages. At the end of the set Scotty broke his guitar to shit. It was cool to watch, but maybe a little too rock star for my taste. I guess they are getting more popular and I have to accept that.

After the show Nathan and I went to Denny's. We were there for like 3 hours. I had so much coffee. We discussed music and the meaning of punk rock for awhile. It was a good conversation.

Yesterday my little sister got the stomach flu, which means I will inevitably also get the flu.

This morning I woke up really early and I am not exactly sure why. I decided to watch a movie On Demand. I was browsing for awhile through the selections of free movies available. One of them was Dangerous Minds. I remembered reading on Wikipedia that Michael Cera was in a movie called Dangerous Minds so I watched it. About an hour into the movie I still didn't have any Cera, so I decided to pop on the internet and check out that Wikipedia sight, and it turns out that he was in a movie called "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." So yeah, damn it.

My stomach hurts, I don't know if it is because I have been awake for 3 hours and haven't eaten anything, or because I have to vom vom. It is way to early.

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NATHAN!@# said...

I really lol'd and woke up Laurn & Cody while reading about 'Dangerous Minds'.