Tuesday, December 25, 2007


So this isn't my favorite holiday. I am not a fan of different aspects of "Jesus' Birthday." I got some cool shit. Most importantly speakers for my computer. These things are going to blow the roof off. I got an array of "smelly stuff" as I call it. This "stuff" includes, but isn't limited to, bath soap, bath salt, lotion, body butter, perfume, and bubble bath. Every year I get quiet a large selection of smelly stuff. I feel like I have made it clear to most people in my life that I don't really use that kind of a thing, but maybe they think if they keep on buying me things, I will eventually start to smell better. Nope, I am stinky and here to stay! stinky!

As much as I get really annoyed with Christmas cliches, like Christmas lights, Christmas songs, Christmas decorations, This year I got really caught up in the moment. So far as long as I can remember it has never snowed on Christmas, after I opened my presents, I looked out the window and saw the snow coming down. It was magical. Magical!!


King Tony said...

Stinky tasha!! a celebration to be had

carley said...

holy wow there is snow all over the place around here... the ground has been covered since before i got here! last night was crazy cold because today there was frost and ice all over the trees and stuff.