Saturday, December 13, 2008

Would you look at this weather?

I hate when I start blogs with "I haven't posted in awhile" or "I don't really have anything to talk about." I have definitely been guilty of this in the past, and I was tempted to do it just now. Why should I let my loyal readers know that my life is boring or whatever. That is bad marketing.

Tonight after the improv show and opening night of Book of Liz a bunch of people went to Denny's, were we where treated to the late night menu. Charlie was looking at pictures of pie and said "Its like there trying to manipulate me into buying this!" We had to explain to him that all advertising attempts to do this.

You know those stupid crane machines they have at places? Well they have one at Denny's on the west side, and in them they have rubber balls. There was a great variety of rubber balls ranging from Twizzlers, baby Betty Boop, various sports team, the Jetsons, and Reese's Pieces painted balls. But the best and single most unfitting of all these balls was the Nightmare on Elm Street ball! You know in dumb romance movies when the guy wins the girl the stupid stuffed bear at the carnival and she is like totally in love with him because of it? Dumb right? Well, I'm just going to say that if any chivalrous person out there wants to win over my heart they need to get me a fucking Nightmare on Elm Street rubber ball!

I'm pretty sure Potachos are a thing of the past :(

I had a goal this year to live in the same place for like 9 months straight. Well, I suck.

I wrote a screenplay. I need youngish looking actors, people who can pull of being 17. Anyone interested?

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Camden said...

I would absolutely love to be in your movie if it is possible. BUT. It probably wont be since I'm kinda far away. But maybe I can come down for a weekend or something. =]