Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in Edmonds

Summer Goals:

Ride my bike
Accomplish all my work goals
Live cheaply and save up for next year
Do lots of arts and crafts
Reconnect with old friends
Spend more time with my family

I have commited to blogging again, although I don't have internet where I am living, I can figure it out. I am currently living with my sister Katrina, her boyfriend Ryan, and their friend Henry. I kind of feel like I am in a sitcom because of the different personalities living in and visiting our tiny apartment. Katrina and I are so different as it is. It should be a fun little experiment.

I started working at the Jeremiah Center. I have only worked for the past to days, but I am already really excited about it. The people I am working with are really encourging me to take a lot of leadership and to plan and live out my on goals for this summer.

I am still feeling a little awkward. Awkward at my apartment, and awkward at my job. I just need to get settled and figure out the flow of this summer. I already miss my Olympia friends. It is wierd for them not to be a block a way. Well my life is currently uninteresting, but the future looks bright!

I want to stencil right now.

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Matt said...

Welcome back to blogland.