Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I tried adding a pole to my blog but it wouldn't work, so now we are just going to have to do this the old fashion way. Please respond to the following question by posting the corresponding answer in my comments section

I gave up caffeine/coffee for lent, is drinking decaf coffee in violation of that?

A) Yes, it is a violation.
B) No, drink it up.
C) No, but it is the antithesis of everything you believe in so don't drink it!
D) Uhh, its tricky. Maybe just on Sundays. 

So what do you think?


Corbin said...

No, because the purpose of the excessive is obviously to not drink caffeine.

Charlie said...


Rutzz said...

Decaf doesn't count as coffee.

Laurel said...

It depends, did you give it up because of the caffeine? In that case decaf would be fine. If you gave it up for other reasons having to do with coffee itsself, then yes.