Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someone skins you and makes a jacket from your flesh

11 days,

I don't think I have gone 11 days without blogging since I started.
This should be some insight into what my last 4 days were like.

We finally got the apartment today, after nearly a week of homelessness, we got the damn apartment. We are kind of moving in. I mean we moved a couple things over, but really, we haven't done much. I should get on that soon.

I went to La Conner, WA this weekend to hang out with Charlie and his family. It was a lot of fun. When you meet a kid like Charlie, you assume he is this black sheep in some uppity family. Like he is so weird and obnoxious (I mean this in the best way possible) in an attempt to rebel against the calm and normal nature of the environment around him. This is a very untrue assumption. Everything about La Conner is just kind of off in a really intentional way. It is this quirky small town that just seems to fit him perfectly. And his family is no exception. His family all looks alike and have very similar mannerisms. It is absolutely funny how much Charlie fits into this quirky little bubble.

Nathan and I, on the other hand, didn't fit in so well. Charlie may be completely irrationally afraid of cities and roads that have more than two lanes, but La Conner resonates with all my completely logical fears of open spaces and lack of lights and people. On Friday night we wondered around the .5 miles of La Conner, and it was just creepy. At any moment, some deranged hick could decide he doesn't like "city folk" and jump out of the bushes and kill me. I made the point to Charlie and Nathan that, although in cities you get shot or maybe stabbed, but in small towns, someone skins you and makes a jacket from your flesh. Oh and the crazy serial killer is always the sheriff or something similar. I don't need this kind of pressure.

We also hung out in Anacortes for a long time. The backporch Cafe is closed. This was very bad news for me. Oh and Anacortes doesn't know ho to make a crossword puzzle for shit.

Bible study is going good. A lot of people showed up on Monday, it was awesome.

I heard some bad news. Some good friends and mentors are moving away in a few months. Its weird to calculate how much certain individuals effect you and your development, and without probably even realizing that they are making an impact. Well you will be missed and you ill not go unappreciated.

I led the Net a couple weeks ago. I think I did alright, it was definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be. A good learning experience if anything. It is something that I want to do again in the future. I am so excited about working at the Jeremiah Center this summer, it should be so much fun.

I probably should get back to moving. I have a lot to get done tonight, and all I want to do is sleep!

I got the Rob Bell DVD "Everything is Spiritual," I am pumped!

... until next time.


Amanda said...

People get shot and stabbed all the time. Someone making a jacket from your flesh is sort of flattering if you think about it. It means your skin is lovely enough that someone else would want to wear it.

I mean this in the least creepy way possible.

Matt said...

I love the image of you and Nathan standing in complete silence, the sound of wind blowing, shivering and terrified in the La Conner night.

Tom Robbins is actually a super hero who keeps constant vigil over his beloved town. There was nothing to fear. Except Tom Robbins, who is scary.

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