Friday, April 4, 2008

The worlds most intimidating critics... 1 yr olds

I started the new job this week. I am working at the child care center. It is awesome! At first I was super intimidated, but now it feels like such a great fit. The first day I was working with the ducklings, also known as the 1-2 year olds. They are a tough age, any younger than that and they just cry and poop, anyone older has a better grasp on communicating and it is much easier to play and whatnot. The one year olds pose the challenge of needed to be interacted with, but struggling to communicate how they want that interaction to look like. Ya look at them and say "HEY! WANNA PLAY BALL?!?!?!" They just look at you and stare, stare and look away. So awkward. Rejected. Within the first few hours on the job, I was interacting and playing with the kids. They fricking loved me. Today I was working with the baby babies. They intimidate me the most. So fragile. I am afraid of breaking them.

I also have been waking up really early, LAME!

Its kind of nice. Several people at my job have commented on good with kids I am. It feels nice to know I can do something right. The whole getting fired thing did wonders for the self esteem.

I am tired and have to move out tonight with no where to go.

Could maybe a nap be in order?

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Laurel said...

fa sho dude,
i'm a lame old blogger since the old days.

i want to see your new place.