Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I have been in Olympia too long

Is Charlie right?
(well thats obviously not possible)

Is Edmonds a dangerous crime ridden city?
I always felt so sheltered growing up here. Like that the big city is miles away and I am stuck in a suburban bubble. I laughed at the notion that Edmonds was a dangerous community where you needed to lock the doors at night. I thought I was immortal in this town. But being in Olympia for so long has allowed me to be removed from this community and now I am more accurately able to reflect on it. So maybe it isn't normal to see people doing drug deals, maybe it isn't normal for most of the people I know to have warrants, maybe it isn't normal for the cops to visit my home once a week, maybe it isn't normal to live just blocks away from the hooker motels, and maybe its totally more interesting not to be normal.
So I might be in a little more "danger" than residents of La Conner, but my eventual goal is to leave the suburbs and stake my residency in the big city. I guess I can just consider all of this practice. And besides, a little edge is hella punk rock, which of course is always my goal.
I guess the weird thing about Edmonds is that although alot of citizens of this fine city are very familiar with "big city ways," I feel like about half are ridiculously sheltered. I mean it is almost a different experiance growing up a few blocks west of Highay 99, than it is living in downtown Edmonds.
Today is the birthday of this wonderful country.
I went to a Mariners game last night, it was pretty awesome. I mean the Mariners totally lost, which is lame, but this season I really wouldn't expect anything more. I saw this band LP and the BB and one of the guys has a kingdome tattoo. Badass. I want to get an oldschool Mariners hat, like blue and yellow one with the upside down trident.
Oh, I've been playing lots of fooseball. I love it!


Amanda said...

All this may be true but if it is it's not because Charlie said so. People who live on Sesame Street are in greater danger than people who live in La Conner.

Lily said...

What did the guy with the Kingdome tattoo look like?

Corbin said...

whatever, man. someday meth will take hold of laconnor and charlie can kiss the safety of rural existence goodbye.