Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So do you ever feel like things just don't make sense and there is no reasonable explaination. Like why is it that I can't find a listing for any businesses inside the Olympia business park thing, but every business that is supposed to be there comes up with a listing in another area of town. They are all listed at this other random location, even though I know it isn't where they actually reside. So, when I try to find the number for the other restaurant I went to yesterday, which is completely unrelated to the Olympia business park, it apparently doesn't exsist in google. Oh maybe it isn't updated, the restuarant used to be downtown, so I call the listing google has for the downtown restaurant and someone answers, but it isn't for the restaurant, it is someones private line. My back pack went missing yesterday and my attempts to retrace my steps are proving to lead me to be more confused.

So, maybe its a bad idea to spend 3 hours watching a science fiction tv show, but now I've got all these wack conspiracies going through my head. Why can't I find a listing for Hot Iron Monglian Grill, Starbucks, Taco Del Mar, or Fuji Teriaki? Why can't I seem to remember where the hell my pack back could have gone? Why can none of my friends find it in their homes? Who or what is trying to keep me from getting to the truth and what important meaning does the green jansport hold that someone is going to such great lengths to keep me from it? Or does the green back pack even exsist? Did I even go to these restaurants? What is reality and what is fiction?

This is all so disorientating. 


carhenge said...


i know all that time with me must have seemed like a dream, but your life just really is that good.

lily said...

Have you ever seen "Dark City"?

lily said...

...because the answer to your question is "The Strangers".