Friday, July 3, 2009

Adulthood here I come

So, I have a year til I graduate.
I know that I have plenty of time to figure things out in my life, but I feel like if I haven't figured things out soon, I'm going to miss out.
It seems as though my time is limited, like I won't have time to do all the cool things I want to do.

Andi and I were talking about how we (or rather I) have a tendency to romanticize being punk rock. There are parts of me that just want to bum around the country and party everyday, void of any and all responsibility and accountability. But when I look around at people who are embodying this life style I am ultimately turned off by it.

I got paid today. I had been living off next to no money for nearly a month, it was hard for me. I can barely go a month without a financial security blanket before I freak out, and most of that time I was living with my mom.

I'm already applying for jobs for after I graduate; I don't want to be poor.

My job has been pretty cool so far this summer. Its an interesting change though. This year I barely ever had class, and although I pride myself on being very self motivated, its different having to adhere to someone else's schedule and needs before my own. I mean, its pretty damn real world though.

It seems as though college is a pretty self involved time, or at least my college experience has been. Everything I work for solely benefits myself and I am only responsible for myself. When I'm at the Jeremiah Center my actions directly affect my coworkers and the youth I am here to serve. Once again, real life as hell.

I always feel tempted to make "at least" one word, but then the little red line appears reminding me not to be stupid. Atleast.

I turn 21 in like two weeks. That's cool I guess, I mean I'm really into my birthday. I think there are like two different kinds of birthday people (or like 8). There are the people who get all weird and distant and hate their birthdays, and then there are people who love their birthdays. I'm definitely the latter. I feel kind of awkward making things all about me, but when it come down to it, I love when its all about me, at least for the day.

21 is a big deal I guess, like I'm joining a pretty exclusive club. Everyone gets to join eventually, but until you do you get to wait on the outside looking in (sometimes very literally).

Well adulthood here I come I guess.


Laurel said...

Not everybody gets to join the 21 club. Some people die when they're babies.

Lily said...

Birthdays are fun, but when they're you're own they can feel so awkward. At least you'll have Colin Meloy. (Right? I lose track of all your Decemberists concerts.)

Natasha Norton said...

Yes!! I will indeed have Colin!

Anonymous said...

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