Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Generally I'd classify myself as a fun loving individual, usually up for adventure and whatnot, but in certain times I kind of become a huge party pooper and do what I can in my life to repel the fun train. This awful side of me become most prevalent on certain holidays, namely New Years Eve, Valentines Day and the 4th of July. I think what it is, is that these days come with all sorts of expectations, you need to have certain kinds of fun on those days and if you don't you fail.

I think there are a lot of people who need strong convincing something is going to be fun before they embark, like they need to know every detail of the events and you need to outline why it is worth there time to do what ever fun activity it is that you want them to do. I can't stand this attitude! I want to just go with the flow and make my own fun, you know, I usually don't wait for fun to happen, I make it happen!

Despite my usual "Go for it and have tons of fun while doing it!" attitude, on the fore mentioned holidays I generally intentionally avoid all fun on purpose, so that if I do end up having a bad time its because I chose to, not because I am lame. Sweet logic right?

For example, last New Years Eve a few friends and I decided we weren't going to go out, we were just going to stay in and watch movies. Boycott all New Years Eve style fun!! But then last minute we decided to go to a dance party, and it was lame. So we attempted to have fun, but we failed!!

Anyways, I decided this year I didn't want my 4th of July to be bogged down by my fear of not having fun, so I decided to just go for it and actually have fun! (Weird, I know!)

It started off with Memo's, a 24 hour Mexican food restaurant on University Ave, my new favorite place! Then Andi, Hailestorm and I met up with tons of lovely people at a Damage Done show in the U district. Saw lots of cool people and listened to punk rock! Then we bused over to this block party right off of East Lake. There was a mechanical bull, slip n' slide, a DJ and tons of people! We hung out there for a few hours and watched the firework show. After that back to Memo's for round two! Then we needed to get back to Andi's, but it was pretty late and the buses stopped running, so we decided to take a cab. I couldn't get through to the cab company because the number was busy for a long time. We walked outside and saw a cab and hailed it! Well mostly Lauren, but I helped a little. It was awesome, like in the movies! Anyways, made our way safely back to Andi's and then watched Arrested Developement! What a perfect fourth of July!

Moraly of the story: I had fun, good for me!

Happy Birthday America!

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