Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, I know this old news to almost everyone who knows me, like even a little bit, but I love the Decemberists. I feel like I like them more today than other days. Shelby and I are seeing them in Montana in like three or four weeks. Also I am seeing them this summer, on my birthday in fact.

I showed my rough cut to my teacher today, I got some good feedback. It was so nerve racking, but now I don't have a solid deadline again for like 3 weeks, which mean I can calm down a little. But I might end up having to re shoot a scene or two. Also I need to re record some audio. I thought I was done with APS for the quarter, how wrong I was!!

I feel like I spend more time in the MML than I do at my house.

Dumb dumb dumb.

I am procrastinating work right now.


The Office and 30Rock are on in a couple hours. That is cool!

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Amanda said...

Oy...what scenes do you need to re-shoot? I AM NEVER GOING TO GET TO CUT MY HAIR I HATE YOUR CLASS.

(I'm just kidding, but srsly, what do you need to reshoot?)