Sunday, November 16, 2008

All Freaking Night!

I slept in till 7:30pm tonight, and before you judge let me say that I was up till 9:30 this morning after spending all night watching horror movies at All Freaking Night. It was definitely an evening that I can only describe as Xtreme! It consists of watching 5 horror movies at Capital Theatre from midnight till the next morning. We got all kinds of energy drinks
 candy, and junk food and flipping partied. Some of my friends snuck in alcohol using flasks (which in my opinion is a little dramatic). During the first movie especially, we were all yelling at the screen and being way too obnoxious. It was great, everyone there was really into it. It reminded me of rocky horror picture show, but all the funny little quips where all made up on the spot, opposed to being memorized. Before our friends got their Jaden and I attempted to save seats for everyone so we all could sit together. The only problem is that there were like 20 ish people who we had to save spots for, so we had this huge area that also happened to be in the best seats in the house (two front rows of the balcony). We were like fighting people off our really good spot. Jaden was awesome, people would walk over to our area and she would be like "these spots are reserved," hella awesome! 

I realized while contemplating my decision to watch horror movies for 8 hours that I don't actually like the majority of those kinds of movies. I spent a great deal of the night wondering around the theatre and hanging out with friends. Lets reviews the films:

Invaders from Mars: Silly willy tale about a 12 year old boy whose parents have been taken over by aliens. He eventually gets help from the Army and they tag team the hell out of those Alien bastards. Oh and him and the hot school nurse have a ris-kay relationship that deve
lops throughout the story. The movie was fun and goofy. I liked it.

House by the Cemetery: An Italian film about this family that moves into a house and its like either haunted or their haunted or something of the sort. I wasn't exactly paying attention, but I did gather that the name freudstein was important. There were a few characters in this movie that as far as I can tell had absolutely no purpose or back story, they w
ere just there. Basically what I gathered from this movie: dolls are creepy, wholesome values, and NEVER GO IN THE BASEMENT. 

Tokyo Gore Police: This was probably the film my friends were most excited about. The name (shockingly) does not give justice to the amount of gore in this movie. It was about this woman whose dad died while he was a police officer, so she became a hella bas ass police officer who tore people the fuck up. She specialized in killing "Engineers," which are mutant people. It was really graphic and disturbing. I only watched it for like a half on hour till Corbin, Freddy, and I decided to sit outside. 

The damaged brain (or something or other): Some kid had some tragic thing happen so now he's crazy and murders people. I don't actually know this from watching the movie, more from reading the description. I was in the theatre for the majority of the time the movie was on, but I was not paying attention at all! I remember a scene were some harry dude was macking on some lady on a boat. That's about it. I talked about punk rock a whole bunch with Jaden
 and Zak during this bad film. We didn't stay for the last movie. It was eight in the morning and we went to Darbies for breakfast. 2 egg breakfast, eggs over medium with cheddar cheese, english muffin and a cup of coffee. 

I got home around 9:30. I slept for 10 hours and it felt awesome.     


roarin said...

I missed out! Also, I very much enjoy the fact that you said bringing alcohol in flasks is a little bit dramatic. That just made my night.

ewokvsraptor! said...

this is my favorite post because you talk about how awesome i am.

i feel like i need to rent tokyo gore police because although i watched the entire film, i can hardly remember a single scene...

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