Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh shit, I have a baby!!

So the other night I had a disturbing and very vivid dream. In this dream I had... a baby. So in my dream I have a baby and then like a week later I remembered "Oh shit, I have a baby!! Where did I put that?"

My grandma had been watching him/her. When I first had the baby I named it something real cool, on some weird conscious level I remember thinking that once I wake up from this dream I should be aware of that name because it was cool. But I couldn't remember it in my dream. I was soo embarrassed because I couldn't remember my own babies name. I was doing that thing, like when you don't know someone your hanging out withs name so you try and get them to say it or whatever.

Then someone, in my dream, asked me who the father was and I was trying to convince them that there was no father because I have never had sex. My mom kept calling my a liar and said that I've obviously had sex and that is why I have a kid. Anyways, I am sitting there with a baby in my arms and I couldn't figure out why I didn't have any baby toys or like a crib. I was super annoyed, and I kept thinking, "Why the hell didn't I have a baby shower? People get all kinds of presents for their kids at baby showers!" So I had a baby and I didn't even know its name and I didn't have any toys or anything for it and I was super embarrassed about my ill preparedness and my mom was trying to convince everyone that I wasn't a virgin.

The weirdest part of all this is that the next morning, in a half awake half asleep daze I thought "Wow! A lot has been happening in my life recently, with the baby and all, I really should blog about this." It took me awhile to realize that I wasn't actually a mom.

So I am not that into dream analysis, but I definitely took that to mean that I am not ready to have a child and I am not ready to be engaging in activities that lead to having children. Well maybe it didn't necessarily mean that, but it was vivid and scary enough to make me steer clear of all things that lead to have babies.

Thanksgiving this year was surprisingly uneventful. No fights or anything, well at least not until the next day! Good job family! We did it! Lauren Haile came to visit and celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. It was awesome! We made tofurky.

I've watched enough television today to last me the next three weeks. It's amazing what I'll do to avoid research. When I watched the entirety of White Chicks I knew I needed to do something more productive for awhile. So now I'm blogging.

I'm tired and want to go to bed. Edmonds and Olympia are colliding are a rate that might end with sand storms and acid rain. But I mean that in the best way possible.

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Amanda said...

If you got knocked up the fourth floor could just adopt the kid.