Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Remember Halloween...

Friday was Halloween. I went dressed as a dead lumber jack. I thought my costume was pretty convincing. There were times when I saw people who I knew, and they didn't recognize me. The festivities of the night were rather typical. It started with all us ladies going over to Celena's and Amanda's place and getting ready together. We were all sharing makeup and mirror space. I know that a lot of girls are like this every time they go out, but I usually only join in with such activities when it is dead makeup being applied. Then, once everyone was ready we had a little photo shoot in the living room. It was pretty silly. My gang for the night consisted of Jaden, Celena, Lauren, Amanda, and Jana. In the bunch we had 4 zombies, a panda, and a kitty cat. Celena and Amanda, who represented the animal costume faction, were so adorable. I was apparently was the stand in date for all my lady friends because I was dressed like a dude. Celena and Amanda live in a good neighborhood for trick or treating, so we were able to pass out candy to adorable little kids. This one girl was wearing leopard print stretch pants and around her neck she had lots of crucifixes and rosaries. I asked what she was dressed as and she confidently responded "I'm a defender of the faith." 

After we left, we went to this party. It was alright. I didn't really know anyone there, other than the in the Olympia way. In Olympia I usually "know" like 70% percent of the people at any party or gathering, but we choose to ignore each other. 
So we are at this party and there was some dancing and pumpkin pie. After about an hour we left and went to this party on Steam boat Island. It was pretty huge. We had to park pretty far away, like 3 blocks or something, the streets were lined with cars. then we were walking down this long drive way that was lit up by glow sticks. It was kind of eerie. Once we finally reach the house, it took me a while to orientate myself. After a few minutes I found a bunch of friends and it was a fun party. I wasn't drinking, but there you could buy a cup for ten dollars and they glowed in the dark. There were tons of people everywhere. I had a lot of good friends who were there, it was great. A lot of the people I came with were pretty wasted at this point. After a few hours of hanging out, I decided to go downstairs and listen to the band. It was a Misfits cover band. It has reminiscent of being 15. The band was screaming obscenities at the audience and I was getting in shoving matches with people significantly bigger than me. After a few songs, I was dancing and I think I brought my hand down on a wine glass, I am not sure, but all of a sudden I was bleeding. I ran upstairs and to the kitchen sink. I was freaking out a little because I wasn't sure how bad I was hurt and all of my friends were no where to be seen. 

This guy, I am not sure how we was involved, but he ran over and started helping me. He tried finding a towel, but failed, so he told me I needed to take off my shirt (let me start out saying that I had a tank top, a long sleeve, and a flannel on.) So I begin to attempt to take off my flannel, but due to the fact my hand was bleeding, I was unable. So, this dude who was helping me started unbuttoning my shirt, it was awkward. Then he tried wrapping it around my hand, but I wouldn't let him because it was Charlie's shirt, so continued to take off my next shirt, which was also incredibly awkward also. So once my hand was wrapped in my old RA long sleeve, this guy sat me on the couch and told me I needed to quit drinking (which was hella annoying because I was completely sober). I called a friend who was at the party and told her I needed to leave. 

After rounding up all my friends I headed to my house to more closely investigate my wound. I decided it looked deep and so we went to the ER. It was just Celena and I, but Charlie and Riley met up with us. It was pretty fun as far as emergency rooms go. After they numbed my finger up all good like, it was awesome to watch the stitches get sewn in. We all got home shortly after 4. So sleepy. I slept in till like 2:30 the next day. 

Although getting injured sucks, especially because I don't have health insurance and it will be tremendously expensive, it is hella PR in like a 15 year old way. I got my first stitches when I cut my hand on a wine glass while thrashing to a Misfits cover band on Halloween. I mean, thats pretty awesome!

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