Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm gonna lose... MY FREAKING MIND!

I got punked.

I walk into my office today and in the middle of the coffee table is a plate of Jello, and in the middle was the Harry Potter action figure I keep on my desk.

Next to it was a note saying "Jim tried playing a joke on you. He failed!
-Dwight aka Chris 3000

I am still not sure who the culprit was.
I can obviously expect Chris due the the incriminating note, but I have reason to believe it was someone else.

Never the less, it was the best way to start the work day ever.

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Laurel said...

i keep trying to call you and failing. mr. greg wants us to visit.

i could have facebooked you, or tried calling again, but i'm here so this is what's happening.