Wednesday, August 6, 2008

While learning life is strange and people change and circle round again

I saw Pinneapple Express 4 hours ago. It was definitely a weird midnight showing, it seemed as though everyone was drunk or high who was at the theatre. People were laughing at all the wrong jokes. Whenever there was a blatant marijuana reference or someone got hit in the balls, everyone would be rolling with laughter, but whenever the characters where engaging in awkard, Apatow-esque banter, the crowd remained silent. I felt as though the movie was funny and enjoyable, but definitely didn't blow me away. As my friend Eric mentioned, whenever they was an empty moment they just added immature physical humor. "Blah haha ha, he just got hit in the head with something blunt!!" It followed a similar pattern as Super Bad, two friends are forced to realize how much they mean to each other through an epic journey, and at one point the friends are seperated and one of them must make the decision to put themselves on the line to help there platonic soul mates. The relationship between Seth Rogan's character and his girlfriend is pretty funny in this film because all in all it meant nothing, which I appreciated.

No stunning previews before the movie :(
The Dark Knight was better.

Today was rather drama filled. Luckilty I was generally removed from the specific things that went down, but none the less, it put a damper on my day. Imagine a world were everyone could be completely honst about their feelings and straight forard about their intentions. So much of being a human is using all aspects of who we are to manipulate the people around us. Why do subtlies tell our stories? I want to shout my story! Oh, and for anyone interested. Some may view the way in which I interact with the people in my life as fake or an attempt to fulfill my duties as an intern, and to some extent I do believe you need to set stricter boundaries for young people than adults, but let it be known that I act different because I am a changed person. Obviously I've grown and matured in my two years of college, and I can look back at my behavior as a high school student and reflect on the negativety. As I live and work in the Christian community associated with the Jeremiah Center, I hope to model a way of life, that through experiance, I believe glorify God. It is evident I am far from perfection and I never want to give the impression that I am without lust, selfishness, bitterness, and sin, but I will only encourage healthy lifestyles in this community. I would hope that a Christian community could be drenched with accountability and honesty, and I hope that as I fuck up (because I will) my community holds me to my actions. I don't slam down the iron fist because I'm an intern, I do it because I hold the Jeremiah Center community to a high standard that reflects God's love.

SLT retreat is this weekend and I am excited to see the future leaders of the Parish. I hope to love them and grow along side them (as much as possible from Olympia). But I am sure not going to lower my standards and expetations.

Be the leaders you are capable of being!!
The leaders God created you to be!!


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