Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why aren't you in Denver?

How long can I avoid cleaning out my desk?

I'm going to Olympia this weekend. I haven't been there in a long time. I don't think I have gone this long without stepping foot in Olympia since my first day of school. It isn't that I haven't wanted to go at all this summer, mostly it was due to a total lack of time. I haven't even gone camping this summer (except for work). It will be interesting to take a short break from this place. I think it will put things in perspective. I am really excited to be in Olympia for the weekend, I feel like a huge part of who I am resides in the boundaries of Oly and I need to reconnect with that.

So, when I am in Olympia my late night heart can only go to one establishment, and that is the Reef. But unfortunately when I am in Edmonds I can not go to the Reef, and the options are limited. There is no cool, independently owned alternative for me to enjoy late night coffee. Really my only two options are Shari's and Denny's. I really think both have there ups and downs, but for some reason everyone in Edmonds much prefers going to Sharis, like its classy or something, so I haven't been to Denny's too much this summer. Toward the end of the school year after a camping trip, a few of us ate at Denny's and saw (a somewhat pathetic) attempt to cater to a younger, hipper crowd. I saw the first attempts at a late night menu, which included food like Potachos (which are nachos with potato chips). But you know, I gave them cred for trying. The advertising for this late night Denny's look was also kind of laughable. The slogan was "Nothing exciting happens after midnight, except Denny's" and the color scheme was very youthful and edgy. Well anyways, the thoughts of late night Denny's and Potachos had pretty much escaped me, when I ran across some interesting article on the internet. Denny's has a new Rockstar Menu which includes dishes that were designed by different bands. And not only were they inspired by mediocre pop punk bands whose fan base is made up 13 year old girls who read teen bop, but the menu items are referred to as Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries (Taking Back Sunday), Plain White shake (Plain White T's), and the All American SOS (The All American Rejects). I thought Denny's had used all of its pun creativity when naming "Moons over my Hammy". And that isn't even the bulk of all the edgy changes Denny's is making. They are playing "cool" music at the night time, and the waiters are going to be wearing jeans and t shirts.

Denny's is hella PR
I think my mom is right, we are in end times.

So apparently my mom is the new hard hitting political investigator. She works at the QFC in Edmonds and Maria Cantwell came into the store yesterday, which isn't a big deal, she shops there all the time. Well anyways my mom and Maria were talking, like they do often because they have a somewhat familiar relationship. Anyways as my mom was recounting this story to me tells me that she asks Maria Cantwell "So why aren't you in Denver?" Maria answers "I was, I got in today, I just prefer to watch it on TV." My mom asks the hard questions. Her words, not mine.


lily said...

End Times + Music =

Corbin said...

end times + music == lightning bolt.