Thursday, September 4, 2008

religious cults, time travel, body snatching, and innappropriately timed puns

So, many people in my life have heard me advacate for local music. Maybe sometimes this advocation has been somewhat elitist and judgemental toward people who tend to like more "mainstream" music. Well I do like big bands and I do like bands that are very local and do not have a very big fan base. I guess it comes down to the fact that it is just plain old cheaper to like smaller bands. Their merchandise is cheaper, their CDs are cheaper, and most importantly, their shows are cheaper. I have really bad priorities, so if a band I like is playing in town, I will do whatever I can in my power to go to the show. When I see local bands I have to pitch out like 5 bucks to indulge in several hours of music. When a bigger band I like a lot comes to town my wallet seems to get so much lighter, like last night when I dropped 43 dollars to see the Decemberists.


It better be pretty damn cool. I don't think I have ever spent this much to see a band before.

I am moving to Olympia soon. I don't know what soon means, but I am doing it. Life is in transition. I have recently had some time to reflect on the recent months in my life, which is something I haven't been able to do because I hadn't spent any quality time by myself in awhile. Well, I came to realize something interesting. All summer I have been striving for good solid community and friendships that will hold me up and help me live a better life. I have definitely been blessed in my life with amazing people, and I am so greatful. But anyways, I started involving myself with the Jeremiah Center in November of my junior year of high school. I would say for the first 4-5 months I really only went because I liked the people, it had nothing to do with God. In spring of my junior year I started to think more deeply about faith, at that point in my life I thought organized religion wasn't punk rock and that God was nothing more than a pretty good idea. Well I started to wonder what was so capitvating about God, and well I will spare you all the details about how I came to faith, but I started to love and follow God the summer between my junior and senior year. That next fall I was on the leadership team. Then I went to college, and although I wasn't a leader for our christian group, I was probably one of the most invested students (out of the three). I hosted bible study, I helped plan events, I took on the weight of alot of the aspects of bible study. My sophomore year of school I became a bible study leader. Now this most recent summer I was in intern at the Jeremiah Center.

For almost my entire faith life I have been in leadership positions. I like being a leader, and I think I am kind of good at it, but I think I am ready to be lead for awhile.

There is this show I like, its called the 4400. It is hella nerdy. It is about all these people who have been abducted over the last 60 years and then all of a sudden in a big ball of light they are returned, each them hasn't aged a day. Some start to develop abilities (like X-men style). Well this show is full of exacting antics including religious cults, time travel, body snatching, and innappropriately timed puns usually about horrific things like death of loss. Its a great show. Well anyways, there are lik 4 seasons and I had only seen the first two. My family bought the third and fourth season so over the last couple days I had watched the entirety if the series. I get to the last episode of the last season and the end the series on a huge cliff hanger. !!??!?!?#?%?(*!*!!, I went to the website and it turns out that the show had at least to more seasons planned out, but was canceled because the writers strike was too financially burdensome and it was getting good enough ratings.


This is the first time I have felt personally effected by the writers strike.

They better make a movie.

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