Sunday, September 14, 2008

Follow Me!

So, fellow bloggers I have an idea! Blogger has a new gadget that allows you to "follow" blogs, and you an also add the blog list gadget. I know this may seem like a more complicated version of just have a links page, but it is much cooler. I think it is worth the extra time to set it up. But, it will only be more cool if we all do it. Oh, and if you don't have a blog, just make one already. Join the revolution.

Oh and also, just because I am such a nerd, I have a twitter. Its like a micro blog. This is another example of something that would be much cooler if more people had it. so make one.

Oh, and follow me.

So I rode my bike a whole bunch yesterday, like probably 15 miles all together. I feel real good about it. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it, but I figure I need to get in shape for riding too and from school. But, I guess the part that bothers me is that I feel like most people didn't think I could handle being one of those people, the people who rides there bikes a lot. I feel like if people who were more athletic looking told everyone there were going to start riding their bikes to and from school, they would be alot more supportive. Well for those who doubt me, you can suck it! (ps. if you want to give me a ride ever, I am totally willing.)

I need to stock a new band. The Pharmacy is moving to LA. I have probably seen them more than 25 times and I would go extremely out of my way to attend as many shows as possible. But now there are moving on to bigger and better things (LA sucks!) and I have to also move on. I am thinking it will be a lot easier for me to stock an Olympian band because I live in Oly 9 months out of the year. I want a band that is dancy that I can sing along to, and obviously a smaller band so that I can afford to go to every show.

Any ideas?


lily said...

I've always just used Google Reader to subscribe to blogs... which actually makes me a little self-conscious because based on how quickly I can respond to people's posts, I'm afraid they must think I check each their blogs like 1000 times a day. But I don't! The internet talks to me.

Natasha Norton said...

I tried using google reader, but I wasn't that into it.