Thursday, September 18, 2008

PORT to the Dot to the COM

The beach cabin is kind of gloomy today. It is very grey. The beach cabin definitely shines when the weather is nice. I not looking forward to the winter. I don't know why, but winters seem sooo much worse in Olympia than it ever did in Edmonds. I am getting more and more realistic about school starting. I am not going to have any free time! 

For my class this year I get to spend about 9 months working on a film. !!@!$#@! I have never spent more than 10 weeks on a single film. I am looking forward to the challenge I guess. I feel like this is going to be the single most serious thing I have ever done. I am not sure how much I want to take on. Last quarter I planned on making a video that was about 7 minutes long. Our faculty set a length limit to our projects, so no one was supposed to make a project that was longer than 10 minutes. I guess I felt like I had plenty of time and I could have easily make my piece longer. A lot of people in my class were super over ambitious and didn't even complete their projects. I definitely did not have that problem. I finished a week or so early, and I felt completely confident in what I produced. It became everything I wanted it to become. 

I want to really use my time this year because I have so many resources at Evergreen that I will never have again. What I was thinking about making is a narrative film that is anywhere from 30-45 minutes. The only problem is that in order to make a narrative film I need actors. I need a group of people who can commit to a. not changing their appearances for 3 months b. acting in the film 15ish hours a week c. be flexibly and work around my difficult schedule d. doing all of this for free. Anyone out there!!

The biggest downside to film is that it is so collaborative. It is fine doing collaborative work when there is a large group of people who are just as committed as I am. Unfortunately it is hard to get people super committed to something when you have your own class and work and really busy college life. 

If I had money I would pay people. At the NY film school the students learn theory for 3 years and then spend their senior year creating their masterpiece, but they don't have the technological background to run the cameras and lights and stuff, so they higher people to do all the technological aspects of film production (which is a pretty hugs part). My problem is that I have a hard time trusting anyone else. I want to run the cameras, do the lighting, do the editing, and every other aspect (except acting, or course). 

wahhh. Art is hard.

So you know those commercials where the guy sings? I like them. F to the R to the E to the E and C to the R to the E, DIT to the R to the E to the PORT to the dot to the com, everyone grab your bike and sing along!!!

I need to unpack and set up my room today. I am kind of sleeping in a closet, by that I quiet literally mean I am sleeping in a closet. I am so into it! I am thinking maybe some Christmas lights. I kind of decorate my room like a 15 year old. I mostly think this because I have been decorating my room the same since I was 15. I haven't really been able to make my space my own since I got fired last year. I hadn't lived somewhere for more than two months since then, which really isn't enough time to unpack, knowing I am just going to to pack everything up in a few weeks.

I want everyone in Edmonds to come a visit me!

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