Friday, September 12, 2008

Typical Olympia

So I live in a vacation home. It is quite literally a family's place to go on vacation. I was just there for like the last five days, and I felt like I was on vacation. I haven't lived somewhere in a long time where I can entertain guests and hang out. I know my house is definitely going to be kind of a bummer when the rains come, but whatever, everywhere in Oly is crappy in the winter. I know this sounds hella braggy (huh, I doubt that is a word), but I never really lived in a nice house before, and I guess I am just excited to be the girl who lives in the waterfront beach cabin for once. I mean, I am definitely getting it for a steal, I'm only paying 310 a month to live there, cheaper than most apartments in the Glen, but still, it is an amazing house.

I took the bus home from Olympia to Edmonds today (actually from Tacome because Lauren is a badass and gave me a ride). The bus is an extremely intimate experiance I was noticing. For over an hour I was sitting so close to this lady that we were definitely like touching the entire ride. We didn't talk, well not really. She said this is my stop, and then I got up and let her off the bus. For an entire hour we sat in such close vicinty that I could practically feel her breathing, and yet we didn't even exchange names or small talk. I kind of hate the bus sometimes.

I want to get a tattoo soon, like real soon. That is important to me. Maybe it is too expensive. Maybe I don't care if it is too expensive, I haven't decided yet.

I went to a show in Olympia a couple nights ago. It was a pretty standard Oly show. It was in a basement, there was a lot of drinking, I knew, one way or another, like half the people there, and the Hail Seizures played. Very typical Olympia. I realized how much I miss shows and how important they are to me. I saw lots of bands, but I was especially into Chin up Meriwether. I feel like I could get really into them. I got the CD! A downside to my beach cabin is that it is real far from down town and it is totally scary to bike at night. I guess I'll be crashing at Matt Louv's and Amanda/Celena's place a lot (thats what you get when you live down town).

I want more Twin Peaks.

I am really saying nothing of value right now. I'm done.


Amanda said...

Matt is more downtown and therefore more convenient than we are, but we probably love you more, so you might have some tough decisions ahead of you.

I too want more Twin Peaks.

choco.martini said...

you could/should crash at my place too. i live right on the 41 bus line.

(late night transit, holla!) so you can bike home from there in the morning.


Celena said...

Yay for Tasha visits! Also, I'm downloading Twin Peaks to get caught up.