Tuesday, October 7, 2008

... but I still have time to blog?

Week two. I am already feeling it. 

I am so fricking busy. I work till 5:30 Monday and Tuesday and then I work till 4:30 on Wednesday. I have class till 4 on Thursday and Friday. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I am pretty occupied with bible study and leaders meetings. Every other Saturday and Sunday I am busing too and from Edmonds to go the Kazba. And I still have an expected 30 hours of homework every week. I love / need to do all things. If I could get rid of one of those things on my schedule I would like it to be my job. I like working at the day care, but I hate working. Maybe someone can give me like 600 hundred dollars a month, so I don't have to work so hard. I want to take out a loan, if I just took out a loan, I could work less and have more fun!! Is that irresponsible?  

The problem with me being so busy is I start to neglect people. I haven't called my mom, shelby or Daniel since I've been back to Olympia, not because I don't want to talk to them, I just have been tremendously busy. I mean last night I went to a show, so I was having fun, but still. ps, the show was great, Paul Barribeau and Kickball. I also haven't hung out with people in such a long time. I haven't seen Riley on purpose (as in except on accidently running into him on campus) in a few weeks. I'll be better I promise. Don't lose hope!

I am listening to the Decemberists on vinyl. It is awesome, except Charlie's record player is all too fast so Colin Meloy's voice is a little too high pitched. I've almost gotten used it to, I think. Only two more months till the show. I haven't been like excited for some epic show in a long time. Most of the bands I listen to are local bands that play every other week, so every time I see them, although good, just isn't that excited. Like I would easily miss it if I had homework or felt tired or something. Not this show, not only did I pay 43 dollars 3 1/2 months in advance, but I plan on showing up disgustingly early and waiting in line so that I will definitely be in the very very front! Woot! It reminds me of being 15. Although I don't know if I've ever been to a show this big and been really into it, maybe Blink 182 when I was 13. 

I have to go to work now. 

Don't give up on me.

I'll shape up. 



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