Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am obviously referring to 'Man' like as in people

I showed up to work at 8:01, this is one minute later than I am supposed to show up for work. There is a sign on the door that says "Center Closed, No Water." ... Huh. I go inside and I am told that the Child Care Center has no water, like the valve or whatever broke. No water, no baby watching. The downside for me of course is that I have nothing to do. They tell me I might as well go home. GO HOME!?! I live 5 miles away and don't have a car. Not only that, I made Laurel get up and drive me an hour earlier than she needed to be to school. Now I am sitting around, in the Mac Lounge, killing time. Killing time?? I don't have anything to do until 8 o clock tonight!

I am pretty tired. I got around 6 hours of sleep, so I am not doing too bad. According to Nathan's standards I got more than a full nights rest. I obviously prefer a good 8-9 hours. Nathan and Jaden spent the night last night. I was super dorky and went to bed at midnight, they got to stay up late and have fun. 

I am excited about bible study. Laurel led today for the first time. She... nailed it! 

I want to be a banana grabber.

Its weird how in the bible, things that are of man are often the antithesis of things that are of God. Almost as though they are opposites. First of all is anything that binary, although I must recognize that my understanding of God can't be binary because of my inability to comprehend something so grand, but can things really be of either man or God? But anyways, Jesus is referred to as the 'Son of Man' and the 'Son of God'. So, the term Son of God was a very political term back in those times, it was believed that the king ruling the Roman empire was the Son of God, they were in power due to divine intervention. The messiah was supposed to be the king of the Israelites, freeing them from the tyranny of the empire by restoring God's 'chosen' land to God's 'chosen' people. Obviously Jesus preached a messaged that spoke of a kingdom without borders and was a homeless Rabbi for most of his life, not much of a conquering king. By acknowledging him as the Son of God, his followers were pledging allegiance to him opposed to Caesar. So, it wasn't until Jesus asked his disciples who they believed him to be, and Simon Peter answered 'The Christ, the Son of the living God' that Jesus acknowledges that he is seen in the right light. So how can Jesus be son of God and son of man? Aren't these things at war with each other? Aren't these things contradicting each other? This doesn't seem like a binary God, but obviously there are things that aren't of God right?? 

Bleh, random mumblings.

I want to step out of the boat.
__________ If I ask for help, will someone reach out and catch me?  

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