Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I doubt I am supposed to be blogging at work...

I am at work right now. I am covering someones break at the front desk, so I get to play away on the internet for 15 minutes and answer some phones. So, I love my job and totally feel great whenever I am working, but I guess I am just tired of working in general (right, like day 3). I just want someone else to pay my rent and buy me food, is that too much to ask? I just want to worry about school, bible study, and the Kazba. A job just occupies so much damn time. I am totally aware that this whining is hella annoying, everyone has to work Tasha, GET OVER IT!

Class starts tomorrow. October 2nd is too late for classes to start. I already feel too busy and one aspect of college (like the most important part) has not even started yet. I don't know why I am so pissy, well probably because I had to wake up early and work. But, this will be a good day.

Bible Study tonight!!?!@$! I want to take a nap before bible study so that I can be super into it. Talk about counting your blessings, this school year is going to be so good. We got a lot of great strong leaders and a great vision. We are splitting the group into two, which will be kinda weird. Caleb, Laurel, David and I in one. Deanna, Anya, Gus and Rachel in the other. And then Large group on Sundays.

Kazba has got 3 bands
Bible Study has enough leaders
I got enough hours at work
Heck, I even have rent money

Life is looking pretty good.

ps. I want to be excited about life, not apathetic. I just decided I should tell everyone so that they can encourage me to stop wasting so much time be annoying.

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