Thursday, October 2, 2008

very SADD

Everyone wants me to vote. I don't really want to. This is usually how it goes, "YOU NEED TO VOTE, YOU NEED TO VOTE, OMG YOU ARE AMERICAN, VOTE VOTE VOTE!" When it actuality I believe they mean, "VOTE VOTE, YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR OBAMA, YOUR AMERICAN, VOTE FOR OBAMA, VOTE FOR OBAMA." Maybe not Charlie, I think he actually just wants me to vote, but everyone wants me to vote for their candidate. I don't know if thats the point. 

Reasons why I am not voting:
1) To piss of my friends
2) In order to avoid supporting someone who I don't actually support
3) To protest the two party system
4) I don't want to make a decision that is uneducated, and it would be uneducated
5) I don't think it would make a huge difference, because Washington will go blue anyways
6) The Office was cancelled because of the Vice Presidential debate

So, whether or not my decision changes in the next few weeks is up to me, so stop trying to convince me otherwise. Ahh. 

It rained today :(
Olympia is sad when it rains. Its very SADD

Sara Palin just said "Thats darn right" and "Joe Six Pack" during the debate. Joe Six Pack? What the fuck does that mean? Like a six pack of beer, or like ripped abs? 

We decided to watch the debate on KCTS, their were many options. Okay, I've heard two "darns" so far. 

I want to watch Twin Peaks, that seems much more relevant to my life. 

"Raise Takis, oh I mean Taxes" - Biden

"I am not going to go off the questions the moderator asks" - Palin

Who killed Laura Palmer?

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Laurel said...


1) pissing off your friends is not nice
2) you can put any name you want in the "other" section. anyone at all. laura palmer.
3) passivity is not protest
4) you go to college and have internet access, which is saying more for your level of education than a lot of voters
5) you can't always count on other people
6) ok, that's valid. but they didn't cancel it for the presidential debate, so you should still vote for president.
or just cry like joe biden.