Sunday, February 10, 2008

Christmas Miracle

I apologize loyal blog readers (all three of you) for my lack of posting recently I can give you the "I have been too busy" excuse, but it would be a lie. This last week has been a rough one. I guess mustering the energy to write down all the things going wrong in my life would almost have broken me. In short, I am on the verge of being fired, and despite how much I loath my job, it is very good for me financially. I need to do what it takes to get by, nothing more.

In other news, my class produced a show on TCTV. The group I was in appointed me as director, it was an honor. Despite all the difficulties, we managed to write and produce a 25 minute long show in 4 days. It was a Christmas miracle. When it airs on TV I'll let you all know.

I had an adventure this weekend. It all started with Kimya Dawson playing in Seattle this Saturday. Carley and I were planning on taking the bus in the morning to get to the show in time, it started at 3. The Friday before the show we wanted to go to the Reef. We called and invited Matt Olson. He explained he was too tired. Jokingly, I asked him if we (Carley and I) could borrow his car to go to the Reef. Surprisingly he agreed to this. After the Reef we were hanging out at Heathers and we decided we wanted to get the hell out of Olympia. We discussed the prospect of driving to Yelm, Lacey, or Tacoma. All these ideas fell short of fun. Out of peer desperation we called Matt and asked if we could bring his car to Seattle for the night. He hesitantly agreed to this. We couldn't believe this!! We took off for the big city. We got to the big city, and kept driving until we got to a much smaller city. I gave Carley a quick tour of Edmonds, WA. We got to my mom's house around 1 o clock in the morning and visit with her for awhile. Afterwards we meet up with Nathan on Capitol Hill. There was a big party with lots of glitter and '80s music. We stay for a short while and head to Beth's Cafe. We hung out there drinking coffee and eating hash browns until 3:30am. We head back to Edmonds, watch The Craft, and go to bed. The next day we went to see Kimya Dawson at Easy street. It was cool. We got there 25 minutes before the show started and got to the very front. Kimya was awesome. She played for nearly two hours. After the show Carley and I plan on meeting up with Nathan and Andi in Olympia, so after we drop off Matt's car, we can go with them the rest of the way to Portland!!! Oh and We so lovingly named Matt's car the Bat Mobile. Mostly because there was a rubber bat hanging from the rear view mirror. We all met up at school and headed south. We didn't get to Portland till after 9:30 at night. Most everything was closed. After aimlessly walking and driving around, we met up with Nathan's girl friend in the Hawthorne district. We saw the last few songs of the Lake set. They were playing at this cute venue called the Artisary (I think). My friends and I brought the fricking party. We kept telling people that we hear no one in Portland dances. It was great. Afterwards we went to this diner and got food. I got the good old 2 egg breakfast. After that, we went to this house show. It took us awhile to find it (shotty directions) and by the time we arrived (1:30) the show was over. We went back to Michelle's to sleep. In the morning we went to Noah's Bagels and got 39 free bagels. Nathan had a bunch of coupons. Afterwards we went and got coffee at this dive where you were allowed to smoke inside. I drank coffee and smoked a cigarette. It was awesome! For lunch we went to Nicholas' Restaurant. We had amazing Lebanese food. It was served family style!! Shortly after we headed back to Olympia. I love adventure. Next weekend I think I am going to Edmonds. There is a show in Seattle, that should be fun.

So I started writing this post last night, but went to the Reef right in the middle of it, so yeah. When we were walking into the Reef last night, I saw Kimya Dawson, Angelo Spencer, and their baby Panda getting out of a car. I kind of freaked. I got like really nervous and weird. Once we were inside I started freaking out! I am not sure why exactly, but it happened. I really dropped the ball. Matt told me I should go talk to her, at this point she was sitting at a table in the Reef. I mustered the courage and walked over to her table. I told her I saw her yesterday in Seattle and I really appreciated the show. I introduced myself and thanked her. I was nervous and not that cool. I could have been much cooler. If there was ever a time in my life to be cool, it was then, but I fucked it up. I'm glad I did it though. She is just a human being and she shouldn't (and probably doesn't want to) be idolized. I guess I just think she is so amazingly cool. Michelle, in reference to why Kimya is so cool, put it "anyone could write her songs, but she is the only one who does." I think that is a great way to sum up why she is so awesome. We need more people singing about their Vaginas.

I have been listening to "B.F.F." frantically since I got back from Portland. I just realized that I hadn't listened to it in nearly 4 months and I think it may be my favorite album ever. EVER!!!

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