Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snitches get Stiches

The school is divided. The school is divided and scary. Unlike a lot of propaganda I have been hearing, I am not afraid of the cops, but the students. I identify as an Anarchist and generally speaking I'm against the institution of police officers. Another belief I have, which is much more important, I believe, to having a society void of authority, is that we all should strive to have a community that respects each other and, through dialog, tries to find a mutual understanding on divided issues. This ideal was not executed today by my fellow classmates. I went to a forum about the riot and I saw a lot of unnecessary hostility and blatant disrespect. The conversation got so heated I felt like there needed to be police intervention. There were a group of people who sat in the back of Lecture Hall 1 and shouted rude and disruptive comments while others spoke. They didn't feel it was necessary to address the crowd formally or respect others opinions by allowing them there time to talk. They just shouted and used intimidation to dominate a conversation. These people where obviously on the side of getting rid of cops, yet they could barely police themselves. People like them make me reconsider my anarchic ideals. It is obvious some people are looking for resolution of any issue, they just want to fuck shit up.

Also, while I was walking home from the Greenery, some guy was putting up a card board wall as an installation art piece commenting on walls and boarders. While he was duck taping it, this kid came and knocked it over. What an ass hole. It really frustrates me when I see the student body motivated to be destructive ass holes, and not care a damn about advocacy or social justice. I know it isn't the entire student body, but the loudest ones get noticed.

People have been plastering anti snitch propaganda everywhere. My favorite is "Snitches get stiches." This blatant threat toward anyone who "snitches" is absolutely horrible. It seems like people want to get rid of cops and replace them with students who have privilege and self imposed authority. If someone doesn't agree with you or tries to counter your opinion, just beat them up. Yeah fuck cops! Lets just beat each other up. I mean, if the claim is that cops are violent and hateful pigs, why is it that the students are acting like the animals? And speaking from someone who's job is to snitch on people, I am frightened of my community. For the first time I am scared to be an RA on campus. I am not afraid of the cops or the man, I am afraid of the students who are threatening me and my fellow students.

This may seem over dramatic and unnecessary, and I would have agreed 12 hours ago, but some students are ready to throw down and I'm praying that no one has to get hurt because of there ignorance.


Jo said...

Stay safe, sweet girl! I have a daughter your age who is out on her own. You are both fighting to find your way in the world. You keep loving and striving and holding onto your dearest values. You are on the right track and I pray you arrive safely!


P.S. You ARE a good writer!

Courtney said...

Dear Tasha-
I have mad respect for you and your ideals.