Sunday, February 17, 2008

I had to poo

I went to Seattle / Edmonds this weekend. I am still here, using my families new computer. It is really nice and sleek. Sexy flat screen. I bused into Seattle Friday evening to meet up with Nathan at the Pharmacy show. I am not sure how many times it has been, but I believe it is around twenty times that I have seen them live. It might be a little less.

When I arrived in Seattle I had to poo. Like, bad. If I just had to pee I would have found an alley way or something like that and handled my full bladder in a punk rock manner. But Pooping is different. I have pooped in the woods before, but in a city, that would be just weird. I got to Seattle around 9:30, so a lot of places I could normally use the bathroom, were closed. After a few blocks I found a McDonalds. A police officer has guarding the bathroom, "Customers Only." I waited in a long line and ended up buying a small fry for a dollar and nine cents. I ran into the bathroom and went poo. When I was done I still had to wait to get my fries. I don't really like McDonald's fries and I wasn't hungry at all (I went to the Greenery earlier). I was just going to leave and forget about the fries, basically I spent 1.09 to use the bathroom. I started feeling ridiculously privileged. I mean I am, but I guess it was just so apparent then.

I got to the show around 9:45. The Pharmacy played and it was fun. There were alot of young kids, which made me feel kind of awkward. I hate feeling old. I was kind of disapointed in the set because it was super short and they only played one song off B.F.F. I hate change.

Afterwards I went to Nathans place and spent the night. Today I went to the Kaz-ba. The last band that played was actually pretty good. After the show the merch guy stared going around and aggressively trying to convince people to buy a CD. It was funny because Daniel was getting so pissed at this guys persistent techniques. We was telling people that if he didn't sell x number of CDs that the band was going to beat him with a metal pipe. Daniel was getting so annoyed. The funny part is he had every intention of buying a CD, but refused because of the merch guys' behavior. I told the merch guy I had plenty of money but I was just going to download all there music and burn it for all my friends. I don't think he appreciated that.

I have this project for class I will be working on for the next three weeks. It is supposed to be a non fiction animation. I originally wanted it to be an abstract collage style animation about the influence of reproduced sound in our society. But I decided that I want to take a much lighter approach to this assignment. My last project was super serious, and I am sure my spring project will be super serious, so I want this animation to be super laid back and fun. I had an idea to animate the troubles of the donner party, because forced cannibalism is kind of funny, but decided against it. My final decision is that I am going to animate the trials and tribulations of the 4th flour. The most influential community I have ever been apart of is the madhouse, the floor I lived on last year as a Freshmen. We had some wacky times, and I want to animate that wackiness. The cool thing is I am going to have everybody do there own voice overs, except Amanda, or course. I hope it turns out good. Any ideas?? Let me know!!

I am waking up kind of early tomorrow to catch the bus to Olympia. I hate the bus!!!

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