Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can you live primarily off eggs and grilled cheese?

We cooked in my dorm room tonight. It was a feast. We had eggs, bacon, grilled cheese, and chili. I feel like such an adult. I usually just swipe my card and eat at the Greenery. As much as I have been living "on my own" for a year and a half, living in housing is so structured and there is so much security. I have always had someone telling when to eat and when to clean (well mostly Jai cleaned for me). I am excited about the prospects of failing. If I don't get a job, I will fail. If I don't find an apartment, I have no where to live. If I don't pay the bills, I won't have the necessities of life. Sometimes I need to be pushed to the edge to even realize I am on a cliff. I don't do well without borders. I go to a school that really encourages independent learning and people taking care of themselves. I have never had to take care of myself. Now that I am really going to be living on my own, for real, I am going to have to get things in order.

I might fail.
but maybe that is okay.

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