Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break!!

When you think of spring break, you usually imagine a bunch of drunk college kids having bonfires on sunny warm beaches and girls taking their tops off for video cameras. Spring break in Olympia, Washington isn't nearly as drunk, naked, or warm as the previously described spring break fantasy. Our campus is rainy, cold, and saddest of all, completely desolate and empty. It is the Friday of eval week, a day away from spring break, and I am still on campus. I could have left by Wednesday, but I wanted to stay and figure out my job situation.

Charlie and Riley left this morning to go hiking. I am kind of jealous. I really wanted to go, it just wanted financially feasible at this juncture of my life. In a week and a half I get my fine aid check, and it will be smooth sailing. I usually don't make very large purchases, instead I slowly waste all of my money on CDs and Reef trips. I am thinking of investing in a nice hiking backpack. I don't really need one, but it would be a good investment.

I want to go in the woods, be at one with nature. Poop in a hole.

This blog post is particularly random and pointless.
I apologize if you read it.


Amanda said...

It costs money to go walk around in the woods now? Shiiiiiiit.

Charlie said...

Yeah, gas, bear canisters, park fees, food.

oh and I totally pooped on the beach/