Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I am not even going to proof read this.

I have been animating all day. Pretty much straight, except for breaks for food and bathroom, for 5 hours now. Wow, thinking about that is kind of depressing, it seems like closer to 9 hours. I still have seven hours scheduled in the non linear suite tonight. I just needed a break, so I thought I'd blog.

I have been listening to The Pharmacy's new album. Nathan got it for me the record. It definitely isn't nearly as good as B.F.F. but it is nice to have something new to listen to from them. It is a lot more produced sounding, even to the point where Charlie said he kind of liked it. This is a day to go down in history! Charlie kind of likes the Pharmacy.

Wow, I'm so tired, forming these sentences are hard, I really should just finish my animation.

Something I have noticed about videos I have made is that the more time I spend working on it, the more I hate the final product. Or at least the more I hate the final product for the first two months after I finish. After spending hours looking at a computer screen working the piece together for days, I just got so sick of the way it looks and sounds. I get completely unimpressed by everything I have done. The problem with the sort of animation I am doing currently is that I am doing it all on the computer, every bit of it. I still have at least twenty more hours or so of work on it and I am so sick of looking at it already. Animation is definitely not where my passions lay.

Alright, back to work!

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