Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mother Unit, What is Love?

I'm back in Olympia.
It has been nice being able to sleep in my own bed and have all my things. And of course it is nice seeing all my friends here, but I do miss my family. When I am in Edmonds for the weekend, I always feel so rushed and I barely have enough time for anyone. Over spring break I had so much spare time, I really felt able to relax and hang out with my sisters and mom.

Last night I went to a show downtown. it was really energetic and crowded, especially for Olympia. I was into it. Only a few more days till I get to move off campus forever. Woot! It is kind of weird to not be aloud to live here ever again. I mean I probably wouldn't purely because it is more expensive. But I mean, housing is a community I have been extremely involved with for the last year and a half. It kind of sucks knowing that I can no longer ever be apart of something that I am so invested in.

Oh well. The Glen is my new home. Expect updates on house warming party. Oh and Our house blog will be up and running soon enough.

Now it is time to watch 30Rock.

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