Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hella France.

Tonight was Amanda's birthday party, appropriately titled "A night in Paris," just like Charlie's junior high school dance. It was all kinds of fun. I dressed up like every single French person. I wore a little dumb French hate, a red neckerchief, and a fake mustache. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times; fake mustaches bring the shenanigans. Charlie and I also decorated the house with drawings related (loosely) with France and a big birthday banner. We also got an array of bread and brie cheese. Hella France. Oh, and a fricking funfetti birthday cake. Their is no cake, in the whole world, that is as fun as the funfetti birthday cake! The party was an all around success. Amanda is like super old now. Gross. I refuse to be twenty.

Toward the end of the night, Matt took on my costume and I got to be party captain for awhile. As soon as he put on my exact same France props, all of a sudden people were whisked away with laughter. Hilarity ensued. Bull shit. It was my damn costume, that I spent a lot of time and energy creating. No one else dressed up French, I should have been automatic winner. After all the cameras had enough of Matt, it was Charlie's turn to steal my spot light and fucking laughs. Ohhh, Charlie was even more hilarious wearing my French costume. Then it became Charlie fucking dress up hour.

I was robbed, robbed blind.

Everyone at the party was troopers though, and let me apply eye liner mustaches (except Heather, Corbin, Lily, and Julian, they hate fun). Something about that damn fake mustache makes the person wearing it go ape shit insane for a few minutes. You just have this compelling obligation to be hilarious. If I've said it twice, I've said it a million times; fake mustaches bring the shenanigans.

Around midnight, Louvy Lito needed to get his damn beauty rest, and forcefully removed all of us from the premises. He brought the party to the Reef (and I funk, I might add). Corbin was being an ass and trying to gross me out by making gagging noises. The people in the booth next to us vocalized their descent with his actions. Corbin apologized, adding he was just trying to gross me out. One of the guys at the table added "oh yeah thats just what I want to hear when I am trying to eat." Tool. Then they may have complained to the wait staff about our behavior. Either way, they got to-go boxes and left. We won. So, yeah.

On the way to the car from the Reef there were too people arguing on the other side of the street, outside Old School Pizza. One guy was yelling at the other, I believe it went down something like this:
"You let someone from Washington play you like a bitch, there aren't any ghettos in Washington."
It was pretty much awesome.

I am on duty in 7 hours. LAME! I hate being on duty because I can't fricking leave campus. AAHHH. And I don't have class on Mondays, so like, Sunday is like second Friday.

Oh, and horrible news! The cost of a cup of coffee at the Reef just sky rocketed to a dollar seventy five. It used to be a buck twenty five. It is significantly more expensive now. I mean, I probably go to the Reef and get coffee at least four times a week. At fifty cents more a cup I will be spending two dollars more a week. With 52 weeks in a year, I will be spending 104 dollars more on coffee a year. I don't like associating the Reef with any negative feelings. So, this is real hard on me.

If I've said it three times, I've said it a million times; fake mustaches bring the shenanigans.

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