Saturday, January 12, 2008

Something in the deli aisle...

I went to a show tonight. I was hesitant about attending this show because there was another great show in Seattle at the same time. The band playing here in Olympia was The Blow. I fricking love The Blow. I saw her first when I was at What The Heck Fest this summer. She is awesome. But yeah, at first I was unsure if she was actually playing and it made me all kinds of nervous. The show was at some place downtown I had never been to before. It surprises me every time I go to a show in Oly, there are so many great places to have shows, but few good shows. But anyways, this place was pretty cool, real big. The first two bands were pretty sucky. Next up was The Blow!!!! She was so great. I really appreciate how she doesn't really dress up sexy, or really do her hair or makeup, yet she has so much damn sex appeal. Bad ass. Although I was a little pissed that the two opening bands played like 45 minute sets, and she only played a half hour. Lame! The last band, Gumar and his Magical Midi Band, was surprisingly cool. They had a bunch of fake instruments and just had some electronic tracks they sang over. People were feeling it. This gives me real hope for Hey Glove! I mean, I think we could make way funkier beats than that. So everyone be ready. We shall conquer the world!

Before the show we had to stop by the bank so Charlie and Heather could get some dollar bills! Matt and I were chicken fighting on some car medium. He got the best of me, I fell into a puddle, got all muddy, scratched my hand. Matt is a monster.

So, their was supposed to be an orgy in my common room tonight. I got here and no orgy. But I guess the cops came and gave my residents a bunch of condoms. I took a bunch, for all that sex I plan on having. Interested? Let me know!

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