Friday, January 18, 2008

"You know what, can I have like ten minutes!"

I cleaned and re-arranged my room today. There is something really refreshing about it. I feel like I moved to a whole new city, just because my wardrobe is across my room. I haven't blogged in a couple days. This is mostly because all I have been doing is laying around and watching TV on my computer. I went bowling on Tuesday, that was pretty cool. I like bowling, I think we all might go again on Friday. Wow, yeah, I don't really have anything worth mentioning.

Oh, here we go. I went to La Voyeur on Monday. It made me sad. So about seven of us headed downtown for food around 3 o clock. We showed up at La Voyeur and there was one other table of people eating. It was pretty empty. A few members of our party had to leave around 4:45 to get back to campus for class, we thought this allowed us enough time. We ordered almost as soon as got there. I ordered the tempeh rueben, which is a nice treat that Heather got me hooked on. So we are all hanging out, having a good time, when we realize that we had been there over an hour and our food was nowhere in sight. It was around 4:30. We had to leave at 4:45, so we were worried we wouldn't have time to eat. I has pressured into asking the cook how much longer the food was going to take. I realized how rude this question can seem so I took caution to say it in the least offensive way as possible.

"Hey we were just wondering about how much longer our food was going to be."

"Well, you know I am only one cook."

"Oh no, its fine, its just that my friend has to leave to get back to class so we were considering getting our food to go."

"You know what, can I have like ten minutes!"

"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry."

She made me so sad. I mean, it doesn't translate well because the conversation was typed, but she had so much attitude. I wasn't trying to make her upset. But the dumb thing is that her being mad just made me really upset.

Later that evening I went to the Reef. All is good and holy at the Reef. We were listening to some especially good music, so I wanted to inquire from Lyle, our waiter, who the band was. When I asked the question I was stumbling on my words and being all shy. I think part of it is that I was still a little shaken up from earlier. Louvy Louvito pointed out that I am only shy or nervous or whatever around waiters and waitresses. This is true. They just embody everything that I want to be. I want them to like me and be my friend. If a Reef waiter of waitress is nice to me, it is kind of like I am in! In what? I am not sure, but whatever it is, their validation means that I am in it. I want to work at the Reef. I had bible study tonight. It was cool. A bunch of bible study kids are going to go the Kaz-ba with me this Saturday to volunteer. I am super excited. I should go to sleep now. I have class.

Reef, if you read this, just know, I'll treat you right. I'll treat you like a lady should be treated. Just give me a call when you think you are ready for this!

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