Tuesday, January 8, 2008


First day of class.

bitter sweet.
I was really tired today because I still haven't adjusted to a new sleeping schedule, and I was up late last night dealing with things. So The Blow might be playing this Friday in Olympia. The details are a little fuzzy because other bands list that The Blow is playing, but her own website doesn't include the show, so I don't know. The problem arises in the fact that I had other plans to go to a show in Seattle the same night. I would much rather see the Blow, but what if they aren't really playing? My life is so tough.

So I have a class project that involves doing an autobiography. The catch is it is suppose to be an autobiography that is told through an object. So essentially we have to choose an object that in a way represents us, and make some abstract video about it. I am struggling to think of an object that represents me. I was thinking, going with the abstract, that maybe tide pools. I essentially want to tell several different stories from my life (some straightforward some more metaphorical) and have the common theme of the ocean. I figure I can talk about being a little kid and having a panic attack on a class field trip to the ocean. I can talk about camping on the ocean with my family. I can talk about drinking at the beach with my friends. And finally I can talk about when I was baptized in the ocean. So yeah, it is a working thesis.

Does anyone have any better ideas of things that represent me? I am not completely married to this idea. I am excited though because this project is going to allow me access to three chip cameras, which are much better quality than the cheap ass palmcorders I have been using. When I was in high school we used three chip cameras for everything, I get to college and it was a down grade. I am excited about this quarter!

So as I was writing that last paragraph, a telemarketer called. I answered and said hello. They said hello and started giving their talk, then just hung up on me. I got hung up on by a telemarketer. Dumb!! So, my cell phone is completely disconnected now. Everyone who wants to get a hold of me should call my room phone. The number is 360 866 1576.


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